Caroline Kynast: My Point Of View

2024-03-27T13:03:33+01:00Photography | Interviews|

Berlin-based photographer Caroline Kynast is known for her unique eye for genderless fashion. She expresses creativity and important messages through her work with Container Love. Experience her captivating street style photography journey, where she captures the vibrant essence of fashion with quick thinking and spontaneity.

Love, Lust, And Freedom: A Must-Visit Queer Exhibition


A journey of multiple identity expressions, “Love, Lust and Freedom” is the new exhibition of Kunstmuseum Brandts, featuring the work of several beloved international photographers capturing moments of the lives of queer people and their essential right to exist, to love, and to desire, whoever and however they want.

Berlin Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes Of AW 24/25

2024-02-20T14:18:49+01:00Editorial | Photography|

Container Love participated in the recent edition of Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 24/25, from the runway to backstage and vice versa. We have curated a selection of the best of local brands that are poised to make a statement in the upcoming seasons, check it out.

BlackPearl: Breathing Fire

2024-01-25T09:29:54+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

BlackPearl embodies strenght, power, and loads of fierce attitude. As a multidisciplinary artist, her ways of expression expands together with every step she takes. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, check her editorial with Container Love.

Youngchan: In The Motion

2024-04-10T14:42:12+02:00Container Talks | Photography|

Scouted by Cameron Nedrick, Youngchan embodies pure movement as a passion. With a clear and strong message against hatred and stereotypes, the talent embraces change and the journey of discovering new ways to express.

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert: “Bigger” Self-Love

2024-01-23T15:34:14+01:00Photography | Books|

“Bigger” is the new book and photo project of photographer Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert. Portraying the beauty of larger bodies, the artist presents a visual journey that navigates the topics of self-love and self-perception of bigger male-identyfying.

The Queer Archive: Kavla #3 – Slaughterhouse

2024-01-23T15:34:00+01:00Photography | Books|

A slaughterhouse isn’t just a house of death. It’s a space in between life and death, the road to the Underworld”, explains the introduction of the third issue of KAVLA fanzine, the latest independent publication from The Queer Archive. Featuring the work of more than 20 queer artists, it is definitely a work not to be missed.

Denys: Look At Me, Yes You

2024-02-21T12:03:55+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

Denys is a natural wanderer who embraces life in its complexity. However, in his eyes, there is no need to discuss it only with words, as expression and creativity allow him to speak too. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, this face reveals that he once fantasized about being a mermaid instead.

Dan Grips: Exuding Style

2024-03-27T13:04:30+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

Dan Grips exudes an intriguing and magnetic attitude and look. Tattoos are their tool for expression, among other creative passions he treasures. Represented by Eli X Casting, the talent does not hold back in expressing his committed love for others.

Ilya Zakharin: A Photobook Of Bodies And Expression

2024-01-23T13:47:49+01:00Photography | Books|

Photographer Ilya Zakharin presents his debut photobook “Body”. The project explores the shapes, contrasts, and shadows of male-identifying figures while also serving an underlying purpose of showing support to queer artists in Russia, the artist’s motherland.

J.H. Engström: Elegant Minimalism In 30 Years Of Filippa K

2024-01-23T10:28:11+01:00Photography | Books|

Photographer and visual artist J.H. Engström has collaborated with Filippa K to publish a photography book titled “It’s Been 30 Years”. Crafted hand-in-hand with Filippa K's Creative Director, Liisa Kessler, the book celebrate three decades of Scandinavian elegance and minimalism presenting selected garments and accessories from the 30 years of the fashion house alongside unpublished material from the photographer.

Maximilian Virgili: A Colourful Escape From Routine

2024-04-10T17:14:55+02:00Photography | Books|

As an invitation to escape routine, photographer Maximilian Virgili presents his book “Out Of Office”. Bold colors, pleasant landscapes, everyday people, random situations, stunning nature, bits of the city, captivating interiors, and much more, describe this mesmerizing visual journal to enjoy the beauty of the simple.

Toby Coulson: The Joy Of Exploration

2023-07-24T13:25:06+02:00A Decade Of Love | Photography|

Inspiration is everywhere and up for grabs for the ones who wander the world with an open heart – London photographer Toby Coulson takes pictures during his extensive travels, from his homeland, the United Kingdom, to faraway lands sometimes on the other side of the globe. Working with an incredibly diverse array of people, Toby’s photography brings a very distinctive kind of serenity and surrealism to the table: his art is his traveling journal, built entirely on the “what if” scenarios of his adventures.

PNPPL: Sweet Summer Treats

2024-04-10T17:14:34+02:00Photography | Books|

It’s summertime, and our friends at PNPPL are back with their magazine’s brand-new, eighth issue. As always, PNPPL delivers a finely curated selection of over a dozen beautiful artists this time with the front and back cover shot by none other than photographers Adán Romero and Sebastián Delgado. Have a sneak peek into the PNPPL editorials of the summer and all the good stuff that await in the latest issue.

Jari Jones By Malik Dupree: An Iconic Collaboration

2023-05-04T11:42:08+02:00Editorial | Photography|

There are only a handful of characters out there right now that can compare to the force of nature that is Jari Jones. The legendary transfem activist, model, writer, and producer has done a lot for queer rights and to make the community visible in the US and worldwide. Now, her message of love gets an iconic rewrap thanks to wickedly talented Brooklyn photographer Malik Dupree and their beautiful collaboration.

Nana Yaw Oduro: Losing It At Home

2023-05-15T11:10:17+02:00Photography | Books|

What to do when you feel like you are losing the very things that made you the person that you are? – Accra photographer Nana Yaw Oduro’s latest book, Losing It At Home is a beautiful medium to tell a heavy story of one’s struggles and self-doubt.

Alex Huanfa Cheng: Leaving Wonderland

2023-03-15T13:17:10+01:00Photography | Interviews|

Paris-based photographer Alex Huanfa Cheng has been exploring and simultaneously pushing the boundaries of documentary photography all of his career. A beautiful clash of two worlds, he is using his experience in fashion to show everyday scenes from three continents and purify them until the point when there is nothing left of reality but a feeling.

Stéphane Gizard: Hunting Down Memories

2023-04-13T12:15:28+02:00Photography | Books|

An archive of unpublished images from 1999 showing different encounters and shades of youth. That is Irréversible, the last book of Paris photographer Stéphane Gizard that shows in a mix of polaroid photos and films a look back with elegance on what is not with us anymore. A trip of nostalgia, a journey of emotions, lovers and memories in conversation with Container Love.

Jamal Nxedlana: I Am Because You Are


The art of letting others shine – Johannesburg-based photographer Jamal Nxedlana captures the reality of queerness in South Africa. In conversation with Container Love, Jamal told us about how a community’s story should be told, the challenges of getting political as an artist and why he sees his world as a part of something larger.

uns*: Education As The Key For An Inclusive Industry


As the first exclusive LGBTQIA+ model and talent agency in the country, uns* has earned a place in the German market. Celebrating two years since their founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland started, they share perspectives about the challenges of the business and the relevance of having queer bodies in the industry.

Veronique Charlotte: Portraying Queer Bodies Through Gender Project Is A Political Statement

2023-05-04T13:02:59+02:00Photography | Interviews|

A mix between arts, activism and the opportunity to connect deeper would probably define Gender Project but also Veronique Charlotte, its creative director. In a sweet interview with Container Love, they share thoughts and experiences about gender dysphoria, their career in high fashion, the disappointments of the industry and the need of raising the level of the conversation when talking about LGBTQIA+ legislation and rights.

PNPPL: Good To See You Again, Beautiful

2023-04-18T14:36:40+02:00Photography | Books|

Pineapple rolls out its 7th issue, a wonderfully curated zine featuring the artworks of 14 of the planet’s most amazing gay artists. Have a sneak peek with us into another masterpiece by one of our favorite publishers and get ready to enter a world of bold beauty.

Container Talks: Finding Hope In New Role Models

2024-01-24T11:57:00+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

A new generation of role models has grown up in an era of great societal changes and they are more colorful, more open-minded and – in a sense – more free than anyone who came before them. With our brand new editorial series, Container Talks, Container Love is now set to make their voices heard.

Christopher Sherman: Hello


Christopher Sherman is a photographer and creative director living in Toronto and New York. He was featured in the Container Love exhibition at the Reeperbahn festival 2017 in Hamburg.

Sven Serkis: N1


If you look at Sven Serkis’ long-term project N1, you’ll mostly see bodies. We love his existentially unique and quintessentially nude style.


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