Armando Durand: Apocryphal Messengers In Berlin

Artist Armando Frezze Durand

Words Tom Czibolya

It’s about everything we consume today, or everything that consumes us. About how we see ourselves in pictures, in selfies, in that new space we pay so much attention to. Human’s friend and enemy: social networks. Justin Bieber’s face on teen’s mobiles; his crown, the like, the superlike and his emojis. Everything that lead us to rethink our gods today. Who we admire? Who do we follow on Instagram? On Snapchat? Who we stay with up till 3 am, watching his photos, his InstaStories, his WhatsApp stories, his lives. Current issues. Restatable issues. Issues Armando makes his own on his work. Today images. Images that get thousands of likes per day. Guys and gods.

Artist Armando Frezze Durand presents his new exhibition Apocryphal Messengers in NYC and Berlin. Accompanies the exhibition as editorial support a book, with all the photographs exposed during the show plus an expanded select of the material.