Alek Szmytko: Boxes Are Meant To Be Broken

2023-05-23T13:15:15+02:00A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Watching life as it unfolds in front of our eyes, in some otherworld colors – London photographer and art director Alek Szmytko’s imagery is loud and bold and full of life in all the good ways. To get a running start on his photography, we asked Alek to share some of his favorite shots with us, while also telling us about his principles as a photographer, documentarian, and human being exploring identities.

Morganne Boulden: The Weight We Carry

2023-05-25T11:59:31+02:00Editorial | A Decade Of Love|

Brooklyn photographer Morganne Boulden captures the world around her in a fun, yet extremely sensitive way. And as all things beautiful, Morganne’s photography is about overcoming darkness. With all of her work made while on road trips across America with close friends and chosen family, these photos are about celebrating how our will to live can prevail – under all circumstances and against all odds.

Laurel Golio: Love Is Allowing Someone To Change

2023-05-23T14:52:47+02:00Editorial | A Decade Of Love|

New York photographer and director Laurel Golio’s commercial career is defined by prestigious clients, yet it’s her personal projects that have earned her recognition as a photojournalist fighting LGBTQIA+ visibility. As more and more people are keen to get a glimpse of the world through Laurel’s lenses, we asked her to share some of her favorite pictures as well as her thoughts on love, visibility, and self-expression with us.

Kristine Madjare: Into The Unknown

2023-05-22T12:06:04+02:00A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Riga photographer Kristine Madjare’s imagery merges documentary and fashion photography, and does so for the sole purpose of showing how a little bit of hope can change lives for the better. To celebrate Container Love’s 10 years anniversary, we would love to introduce you to some of our newest friends, beautiful artists from all over the world portraying diversity in its purest form. Kristīne is one of them.

Tatsiana Tribunalova: To Embrace Is To Shine

2023-05-05T11:20:04+02:00Editorial | Photography|

We celebrate 10 years of love by introducing some new friends, wonderful artists taking a stand in our fight for visibility. Berlin photographer Tatsiana Tribunalova’s pictures are like outtakes from a music video of a superstar that never existed. We asked Tatsiana for a selection of her favorite photos and a chance to pick her brains on how one should express love and embrace their true identity. Have a look!

Jari Jones By Malik Dupree: An Iconic Collaboration

2023-05-04T11:42:08+02:00Editorial | Photography|

There are only a handful of characters out there right now that can compare to the force of nature that is Jari Jones. The legendary transfem activist, model, writer, and producer has done a lot for queer rights and to make the community visible in the US and worldwide. Now, her message of love gets an iconic rewrap thanks to wickedly talented Brooklyn photographer Malik Dupree and their beautiful collaboration.


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