Photography | Christian Ruess

An Ever-Changing Body

Berlin remains the ultimate heaven for anyone searching for their place in this world. Our new, Berlin-focused series puts the spotlight on pioneers, freedom fighters and the bravest of lovers who – at some point in their lives – made this great city their home.

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Visible Love Exhibition

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Interview | Nana Yaw Oduro

To Shine A Light

“Just keep an open mind and wonderful things can happen” – Nana Yaw Oduro is a young photographer living and working in Ghana, facing an exciting future with his pictures getting him more and more recognition worldwide. We sat down with one of our favorite African prodigies to talk about his eternal love for poetry, the magic of models and the challenges that a new generation of African creators are facing every day.

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Books | Florian Hetz

My Two Lives In One Book

Sexually charged details of the male body, beautifully orchestrated moments, or the magnification of a fleeting moment – what exactly is it about the photographic universe of photographer Florian Hetz that makes it so fascinating to watch?

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Painting | Wojciech Wos

I Paint Boys

Wojciech Woś is a visual artist from Poland / based in Berlin, who shares with us not only his work, but also his personal diary – with the art of painting. Capturing emotions through portraits and telling stories of feelings and intimacy – that’s Wojciech’s work and aesthetic, and we love it.

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Love Brands | Rich Mnisi

Celebrating Culture And Heritage

We’re completely in love with the colors and patterns of Hiya Kaya, the SS21 collection by designer Rich Mnisi – a contemporary, multi-disciplinary fashion brand based in South Africa. What we also adore is Rich Mnisi’s love for nature – the styles are sustainable, the production is transparent and local, and the engagement is socially responsible.

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Visible Love Exhibition

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