BlackPearl: Breathing Fire

2024-01-25T09:29:54+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

BlackPearl embodies strenght, power, and loads of fierce attitude. As a multidisciplinary artist, her ways of expression expands together with every step she takes. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, check her editorial with Container Love.

Youngchan: In The Motion

2024-04-10T14:42:12+02:00Container Talks | Photography|

Scouted by Cameron Nedrick, Youngchan embodies pure movement as a passion. With a clear and strong message against hatred and stereotypes, the talent embraces change and the journey of discovering new ways to express.

Denys: Look At Me, Yes You

2024-02-21T12:03:55+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

Denys is a natural wanderer who embraces life in its complexity. However, in his eyes, there is no need to discuss it only with words, as expression and creativity allow him to speak too. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, this face reveals that he once fantasized about being a mermaid instead.

Dan Grips: Exuding Style

2024-03-27T13:04:30+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

Dan Grips exudes an intriguing and magnetic attitude and look. Tattoos are their tool for expression, among other creative passions he treasures. Represented by Eli X Casting, the talent does not hold back in expressing his committed love for others.

Container Talks: Finding Hope In New Role Models

2024-01-24T11:57:00+01:00Container Talks | Photography|

A new generation of role models has grown up in an era of great societal changes and they are more colorful, more open-minded and – in a sense – more free than anyone who came before them. With our brand new editorial series, Container Talks, Container Love is now set to make their voices heard.


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