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Stéphane Gizard: Hunting Down Memories

Stéphane Gizard | Photography | Interviews|

An archive of unpublished images from 1999 showing different encounters and shades of youth. That is ‘Irréversible’, the last book of Paris photographer Stéphane Gizard that shows in a mix of polaroid photos and films a look back with elegance on what is not with us anymore. A trip of nostalgia, a journey of emotions, lovers and memories in conversation with Container Love.

Wojciech Wos: Out of the Blue


We love the way Berlin-based painter Wojciech Wos sees the world and how it all appears on his canvas as a big bold, colorful celebration of queer life. To celebrate having him on board as a future contributor to Container Love who will make our opinion pieces look prettier than ever, we asked Wojciech to share a special selection of his latest paintings with us.

Jamal Nxedlana: I am because you are

Jamal Nxedlana | Photography|

The art of letting others shine – Johannesburg-based photographer Jamal Nxedlana captures the reality of queerness in South Africa. In conversation with Container Love, Jamal told us about how a community’s story should be told, the challenges of getting political as an artist and why he sees his world as a part of something larger.

“I Want To Make People Feel Beautiful Whenever They’re Around Me.”

We all grow up in a system of stereotypes, we all grow up believing that people are supposed to put other people in boxes – that’s how society works. We ain’t making the rules. But do we realize what this system does to us? No one can win with a losing hand.


Cora Hamilton: Fit In Or Lose Out


For trans and gender non-conforming (gnc) models, the use of sample size means stamping out their “otherness” and fitting the cisgender mould, equating being cis to being better – Container Love guest author and co-founder of the exclusively LGBTQIA+ talent agency, uns* Cora Hamilton explains one of the fundamental flaws of the fashion industry and how it’s high time for some of its old rules to be rewritten.

Adam Munnings: Is This A Safe Space?


“Sometimes all we want is just to be, to exist in a space where we don’t have to explain, prove, justify or defend ourselves”, states film director Adam Munnings in a new guest collaboration opinion for Container Love. His interpretation of a safe space and how that translates into a club experience.

uns*: Education As The Key For An Inclusive Industry


As the first exclusive LGBTQIA+ model and talent agency in the country, uns* has earned a place in the German market. Celebrating two years since their founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland started, they share perspectives about the challenges of the business and the relevance of having queer bodies in the industry.

Veronique Charlotte: Portraying Queer Bodies Through Gender Project Is A Political Statement

Veronique Charlotte | Interviews|

A mix between arts, activism and the opportunity to connect deeper would probably define Gender Project but also Veronique Charlotte, its creative director. In a sweet interview with Container Love, they share thoughts and experiences about gender dysphoria, their career in high fashion, the disappointments of the industry and the need of raising the level of the conversation when talking about LGBTQIA+ legislation and rights.


There Are Bigger Problems In The World Than Two People Holding Hands


Holding hands in the street is not the same for a hetero couple than a queer one. We live in times where the LGBTQIA+ community has improved in rights and representation, but still way behind from a world that we all feel safe, even in the commonality of going out in the streets and loving publicly. Read our new opinion piece by Javier Zamora-Kalazich.

Top Surgery: More Than A Body


An intimate reflection of the post thoughts of a top surgery in the words of Drew Lor. Through his journey introduces questions and perspectives upon inhabiting our own bodies. From the discomfort to the shame, the inherited cultural expectations, and the navigation of finding your 'mobile-home' more truth and closer to yourself.

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