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July 12th, 2018|Stories|

Sergey Melnitchenko is a photographer from Ukraine. His shared story is about young athletes from Mykolayiv, Ukraine, passionately united by becoming the best of the best in athletics, acrobatics, fitness and bodybuilding.


July 4th, 2018|Stories|

Anderson Zomer woke up from hibernation. In the second part of his NATUS project he depicts young and naked men in nature. Why, we asked: "Because the simplest form of being is spontaneous, pure and real – pretty much like nature."



July 4th, 2018|Stories|

Annika Weertz is an emerging photographer from Germany whom we had the pleasure to showcase at our recent Container Love exhibition. With her focus on love and intimacy, she exposes people’s vulnerability and breaks down traditional gender roles.


July 2nd, 2018|Stories|

Stefan Gunnesch is a Leipzig based communications designer we have been following for a while, stunned by his play with abstraction and anonymization of the human body with techniques of collage, painting, and drawing.


June 21st, 2018|Stories|

Ruslan Isinev is a conceptual photographer based in Moscow, Russia. We had the pleasure to showcase his work in several Container Love exhibitions. And we’ll continue to do so as well as believing in his biggest goal: creating a world in his own melancholic style.


June 9th, 2018|Stories|

Armando Frezze Durand is a photographer from Buenos Aires and director of the "Container Love of the month" short film VIDEONEGRO. With his uncommon style he creates a world that revolves around universal forms of inclusion and exclusion.


June 8th, 2018|Stories|

London based fashion photographer Paul Peter has developed his own aesthetics by putting a provocative twist on the classical approach to photography. PSALMODY is his most recent editorial for Issue 4 C.A.P. 74024 Magazine.


June 8th, 2018|Stories|

We are in love with Manuel Scrima, a talented artist from Milano who got into many fields of creative work since he was a child. And he has never really stopped: from documentary to fashion photography, from video making to directing, he does it all.