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Container Love’s Specials stand for curated editorials and interviews, celebrating special topics, in-house productions as well as collaborations with contemporary artists: a wide variety of projects tapping into the queer experience, approaching it in new, bold ways.

Photo Blazey by Nikk Martin

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Container Talks

Container Talks is our series that shines a spotlight on the new role models to look up to. A combination of talents, creatives, and artists, represent the wide spectrum of queer culture in bold and refreshing ways, serving as a starting point to create stronger communities and allies through Container Love. 

Photo Christian Ruess

BlackPearl: Breathing Fire

Container Talks | Photography|

BlackPearl embodies strenght, power, and loads of fierce attitude. As a multidisciplinary artist, her ways of expression expands together with every step she takes. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, check her editorial with Container Love.

Youngchan: In The Motion

Container Talks | Photography|

Scouted by Cameron Nedrick, Youngchan embodies pure movement as a passion. With a clear and strong message against hatred and stereotypes, the talent embraces change and the journey of discovering new ways to express.

Denys: Look At Me, Yes You

Container Talks | Photography|

Denys is a natural wanderer who embraces life in its complexity. However, in his eyes, there is no need to discuss it only with words, as expression and creativity allow him to speak too. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, this face reveals that he once fantasized about being a mermaid instead.

Dan Grips: Exuding Style

Container Talks | Photography|

Dan Grips exudes an intriguing and magnetic attitude and look. Tattoos are their tool for expression, among other creative passions he treasures. Represented by Eli X Casting, the talent does not hold back in expressing his committed love for others.


Visible Love

Container Love’s international exhibition series celebrating queer culture and showcasing diversity-driven photography from renowned photographers, creatives, and role models from Berlin and around the globe, making love visible to everyone.

Photo Slava Mogutin

David Urbanke: The Voice Of A New Era

Editorial | Visible Love|

Stunning, powerful and unapologetic: black Filipina trans woman Jari Jones has become a generational icon and inspiration for all the right reasons. Shot by David Urbanke, Jari and her partner Deniz are familiar faces in a new era of inclusivity. Her role as an actress, model, producer and creative provides authenticity, compassion and hope, paving the way for future generations.

Celine Yasemin & Milena Zara: Category Is… Realness

Editorial | Visible Love|

Every transition is also a journey, from self-hate to self-love – photographers Celine Yasemin and Milena Zara wanted to show the realness of transition while shooting iconic model and influencer Steph Barreto. The fruit of an amazing collaboration, their editorial is full of heart, as featured in Container Love’s first-ever print magazine, the Visibility Issue.

Anil Ayhan: Tales From The City

Editorial | Visible Love|

In a world that is relentlessly trying to mold us into predefined shapes, there is immense power and liberation in staying true to yourself – for his series features in our printed magazine, The Visibility Issue, Berlin photographer Anil Ayhan collaborated with musician, dancer, and queer tastemaker Lie Ning. Their duo’s beautiful work is proof that sometimes the best way to break through the noise is to just sing louder.

Ansgar Sollmann: The Present Is Genderless

Editorial | Visible Love|

Musician and queer tastemaker Tarik Tesfu was shot by London-based photographer Ansgar Sollman for Container Love’s first printed magazine. A vital part of our Visible Love exhibition, their collaboration explores the liberating beauty of genderless fashion and how the media should take responsibility in not only displaying queer people but letting them behind the camera too.

Bastian Thiery: Hungry Eyes

Editorial | Visible Love|

It’s not about beauty that’s transformative but about the transformation that’s beautiful – iconic makeup-up artist and drag superstar Hungry was shot by Berlin-based photographer Bastian Thiery for Container Love’s Visibility Issue. A celebration of creativity and queerness, Bastian’s series is one that’s here to stay for a long time.

Slava Mogutin: It’s Hot Out There

Editorial | Visible Love|

As the city sweats and the hot summer sun is melting the streets, the world becomes a playground, and every given moment, an opportunity for celebrating the vibrant tapestry of life. From posing naked on the roof to getting a cool splash on the balcony, New York-based artist Slava Mogutin's series of fun and sexy portraits is an untamed celebration of life and unapologetic queerness.


The Hidden Dimension

Container Love celebrates the release of our latest short film with a special series of interviews with artists from Eastern Europe sharing perspectives about LGBTQIA+ communities and their current situation. The Hidden Dimension continues Container Love’s commitment to promoting queer visibility and breaking down barriers through dialogue and art.

Photo Ben Galster

Ben Galster: The Call Of The Hidden Dimension

The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

F​​ilms should make you think about the lives and feelings of others, helping you to learn something new about yourself too – in Container Love’s latest short film, The Hidden Dimension, awarded with Silver Screen at Cannes Young Director Award, director Ben Galster dove deep to capture the beautiful and complex mind of queer visual artist Leo Maki and the challenges behind his craft. We sat down with Ben to talk about his principles in filmmaking, queer visibility, and the unique visual storytelling of The Hidden Dimension.

The Hidden Dimension: Official Trailer

The Hidden Dimension | Film|

Awarded with Silver Screen at Cannes Young Director Award, The Hidden Dimension is a portrait of queer photographer and visual artist Leo Maki. An intimate journey into the mind of the artist based in Warsaw, Poland. The film explores the creative process behind his work where sexuality, desire, and reality blends into art.

Ira Lupu: Documenting Homeland Under Attack

The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

Ukrainian photographer Ira Lupu opens up about the implications of the war in her life and career, including her last documentary photo series Time of the Phoenix portraying her nation under attack. She shares with Container Love the decision behind going back to Ukraine under attack, and the ways that society has come together to protect their country, including having queer military units.

Jan Baszak: Sculpting Spaces

The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

After a great reception of his last work “The Discomfort of Evening" Jan Baszak sits down with Container Love to talk about his approach to arts as a sculptor and a designer. The inspiration behind his creations and the ways of crafting space. The queer artist also shares his vision upon the current state of LGBTQIA+ rights in Poland and the political scenario.

Krystian Lipiec: Coming Home To You

The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

Warsaw artist Krystian Lipiec’s story is one of personal growth, one that has been documented through his gorgeous imagery that he likes to refer to simply as beauty photography. In conversation with Container Love, he told us about the forests surrounding his mother’s house, his coming out, and how overcoming hesitation has changed his life forever.


A Decade Of Love

As we are closing in on Container Love’s ten years anniversary, love is already pouring in from our old and new friends around the world. It’s been a decade of love and we are starting to celebrate it.

Photo Javier Cerrada

Toby Coulson: The Joy Of Exploration

A Decade Of Love | Photography|

Inspiration is everywhere and up for grabs for the ones who wander the world with an open heart – London photographer Toby Coulson takes pictures during his extensive travels, from his homeland, the United Kingdom, to faraway lands sometimes on the other side of the globe. Working with an incredibly diverse array of people, Toby’s photography brings a very distinctive kind of serenity and surrealism to the table: his art is his traveling journal, built entirely on the “what if” scenarios of his adventures.

Maxwell Poth: Empowering Queer Youth

A Decade Of Love | Interviews | Books|

Maxwell Poth, in conversation with Container Love, presents his latest book, "Young Queer America: The Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth." Through his nonprofit organization, Project Contrast, the photographer and advocate shares details about his life and this project, aiming to continue raising awareness about mental health and create a safe space that fosters a sense of community for young queer individuals in the US.

Javier Cerrada: I’m Not From Here, I’m Not From There

Editorial | A Decade Of Love | Visible Love|

For Berlin-based photographer Javier Cerrada, photography has always been a natural form of self-expression. His pictures are part of an ever-unfolding story of identities, real and chosen families, and love so powerful, it’s unstoppable. Joining us in celebrating a decade of love and beautiful diversity, Javier put together a special selection of his works, covering years and years of his career, connecting past with the present and lamenting about a future worth looking forward to.

Hao Nguyen: Blink And You Will Miss It

Editorial | A Decade Of Love|

To love means to dare open up to others – Toronto-based photographer Hao Nguyen's pictures tell a million stories. Creating portrays that go beyond the subject while also keeping a forever playful, forever curious attitude, Hao is doing an amazing job making identities of all kinds visible. To understand his art better, we asked Hao to put together a special selection of his photographs and share his thoughts on representation, love, and the importance of self-reflection.

Alek Szmytko: Boxes Are Meant To Be Broken

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Watching life as it unfolds in front of our eyes, in some otherworld colors – London photographer and art director Alek Szmytko’s imagery is loud and bold and full of life in all the good ways. To get a running start on his photography, we asked Alek to share some of his favorite shots with us, while also telling us about his principles as a photographer, documentarian, and human being exploring identities.

Morganne Boulden: The Weight We Carry

Editorial | A Decade Of Love|

Brooklyn photographer Morganne Boulden captures the world around her in a fun, yet extremely sensitive way. And as all things beautiful, Morganne’s photography is about overcoming darkness. With all of her work made while on road trips across America with close friends and chosen family, these photos are about celebrating how our will to live can prevail – under all circumstances and against all odds.


Love Has No Label

Container Love’s very own award-winning series of films, deconstructing stereotypes about love and gender through the personal stories of four individuals, proving that labels can not define us.

Photo Andreas Knaub


African Icons

A rare insight into the exceptional art and ideology of a new generation of bold creators leading the continents latest cultural revolution in spite of still facing systematic racism and double standards.

Photo Nana Yaw Oduro


Painted Love

Container Love’s specially curated guide to the next generation of queer painters and visual artist challenging queer issues and further exploring queer identity and the influence it has on contemporary art.

Painting Wojciech Wos



The Container Love series of curated interviews and editorials dedicated to the mystery of love, and the lack of it.

Photo Asger Carlsen



Photographers and visual artists on the uncharted territory of narcissism, deconstructing myths and proving how unconditional self-love can make and break us at the same time.

Photo Leo Maki


Safe Space

A curated selection of editorials dedicated to the concept of safe space, explaining how an idea originated in the LGBTQ+ community has brought people of all genders, ethnic groups and religions together in fighting for their rights.

Photo Jacopo Paglione


Chosen Family

We all are keen to find the people who understand us, members of our family of choice. Showing what chosen family can mean, our curated photo series, yet another proof that real bonds don’t depend on sharing DNA.

Photo Anne-Sophie Guillet


Summer Of Love

With ocean breeze and open beaches, this editorial brings back memories of ultimate lightness and careless beauty, the images of a perfect summer of love.

Photo Asaf Einy

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