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Container Love’s Specials stand for curated editorials and interviews, celebrating special topics, in-house productions as well as collaborations with contemporary artists: a wide variety of projects tapping into the queer experience, approaching it in new, bold ways.

Photo Kostis Fokas

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Visible Love

Container Love’s international exhibition series celebrating diversity and love by showcasing images of acclaimed queer photographers and interviews with activists and taste-makers, making love visible to everyone.

Photo Rob Tennent

Christian Ruess Of Container Love: Freedom Means No Fear

Visible Love | Events|

Knowledge means less fear and no fear means freedom – in a super special in-house interview, we asked Container Love’s Founder and Creative Director Christian Ruess about why most brands are misinterpreting diversity as a one-trick pony, the story behind our international #VisibleLove exhibition series and how finding the right partners at H&M could turn our simple idea into a global movement.


Container Talks

In the first season of Container Love’s new series, Container Talks, we bring you editorials and short films about the stories of some of Berlin’s inspiring creatives and creators and show what influence does queer culture have on their lives.

Photo Christian Ruess

Container Talks: Finding Hope In New Role Models

Container Talks | Photography|

A new generation of role models has grown up in an era of great societal changes and they are more colorful, more open-minded and – in a sense – more free than anyone who came before them. With our brand new editorial series, Container Talks, Container Love is now set to make their voices heard.


Love Has No Label

Container Love’s very own award-winning series of films, deconstructing stereotypes about love and gender through the personal stories of four individuals, proving that labels can not define us.

Photo Andreas Knaub


African Icons

A rare insight into the exceptional art and ideology of a new generation of bold creators leading the continents latest cultural revolution in spite of still facing systematic racism and double standards.

Photo Nana Yaw Oduro


Painted Love

Container Love’s specially curated guide to the next generation of queer painters and visual artist challenging queer issues and further exploring queer identity and the influence it has on contemporary art.

Painting Wojciech Wos



The Container Love series of curated interviews and editorials dedicated to the mystery of love, and the lack of it.

Photo Asger Carlsen



Photographers and visual artists on the uncharted territory of narcissism, deconstructing myths and proving how unconditional self-love can make and break us at the same time.

Photo Leo Maki


Safe Space

A curated selection of editorials dedicated to the concept of safe space, explaining how an idea originated in the LGBTQ+ community has brought people of all genders, ethnic groups and religions together in fighting for their rights.

Photo Jacopo Paglione


Chosen Family

We all are keen to find the people who understand us, members of our family of choice. Showing what chosen family can mean, our curated photo series, yet another proof that real bonds don’t depend on sharing DNA.

Photo Anne-Sophie Guillet


Summer Of Love

With ocean breeze and open beaches, this editorial brings back memories of ultimate lightness and careless beauty, the images of a perfect summer of love.

Photo Asaf Einy

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