Love Finds A Way: The Premiere of Love Has No Label

Artist Andreas Knaub, Ben Galster, Christian Ruess

Words Tom Czibolya

People love to talk about togetherness. They love to put the word ‘togetherness’ on billboards, in social media posts, on business cards and on the back cover of carefully marketed books. And by doing so, people made ‘togetherness’ yet another candy coated phrase, a cheap aphrodisiac for ideas that wouldn’t sell well enough without.

But what is togetherness, really? Is it the feeling of unity? Belonging somewhere? The purest form of empathy? Maybe, maybe and maybe. And also, togetherness is a hundred people experiencing the same piece of art and taking away completely different things from it. Container Love’s latest editorial was a big, bright, loud boom in the middle of a period when things in our world seem to start to lose their meaning.

It’s been some time since Container Love’s founder and creative director Christian Ruess came up with the idea of Love Has No Label, a chain of short films about the beauty of diversity, the bravery and love that connects people. The idea grew and grew and after months in the making, Container Love’s latest editorial was taking shape.

In the epicentre stand Chiderah, Isaak, Shayne and Kate. They all have been labeled many times by many people as many things. For being black, for being queer, for not fitting into any prefabricated categories. Their personal stories became the backbone of the Love Has No Label editorial.

And when it comes to the matching, distinctive visual world of the images and films, it’s safe to say that this one is one of the finest works that photographer Andreas Knaub and director Ben Galster have done yet.

There was something special about the atmosphere at the premier and all the people who gathered in between the concrete walls of Berlin’s 8 Corners. Since the pandemic sucked out the life of social gatherings, feeling connected with people while being in a closed space sounds like some alien and definitely illegal activity. And this is why it seemingly hit everyone who was present: we were brought together by the very same power. There was love in the air. There were sparks.

It’s been said a million times, but a printed out image can make such a huge difference compared to purely digital art. Seeing people getting mesmerized by Andreas’ gorgeous photos has been a heartwarming experience. How can something be so loud yet feel so intimate? – a question that most probably crossed the minds of many when lights switched off and the Love Has No Label films started playing on four different screens, wrapping the room in a warm, mysterious glown. A perfect moment in time.

During the absolutely stunning dance performances, for a brief period of time, Berlin felt like the city it must have been in the past – not only two, but thirtytwo years ago. A city full of lovers, full of fighters, thinkers. Supporting each other, ready to stand up for the rights of the next person. A selection of very different people from all over the planet with different mindsets and preferences, unified by the idea of listening to each other and for the first time in a long time, hearing what the others have to say.

Photography @sven.serkis