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Immersive exhibitions, thought-provoking panels, dinners and special events in all shapes and forms, all hosted by Container Love, fighting for diversity through art, education and open dialogues and celebrating Pride 365 days a year.

Photo David Mendez by Sven Serkis

Visible Love 2023: 10 Years Of Container Love

Visible Love | Events|

For years, our annual Visible Love exhibition has marked a very special time of the year: an event that stands for the unapologetic celebration of diversity and queer culture that we are devoted to, 365 days a year. This time, it also stood for the 10-year anniversary of Container Love. And this is how it all happened.

Christian Ruess Of Container Love: Freedom Means No Fear

Visible Love | Events|

Knowledge means less fear and no fear means freedom – in a super special in-house interview, we asked Container Love’s Founder and Creative Director Christian Ruess about why most brands are misinterpreting diversity as a one-trick pony, the story behind our international #VisibleLove exhibition series and how finding the right partners at H&M could turn our simple idea into a global movement.

10 YEARS OF Container Love

Visible Love 2023

Join us for another edition of Visible Love this August 16th to 31st at POP KUDAMM, Berlin. This year we bring you a selection of unapologetic images of The Visibility Issue, our first printed magazine showcasing photography to celebrate queer culture from renowned photographers, creatives, and role models from Berlin and around the globe.

Photo Slava Mogutin

MS Dockville 2017


2017. What a year. We spent the summer at home - MS Dockville in Hamburg. We hacked their container to focus on love, diversity and equality. 

Love Think Tank


What is love? How do people want to experience an exhibition? What are they looking for on a night out? Welcome to the Love Think Tank.

Vogelball 2017


Preview our Container Love Art Project at Vogelball 2017 Hamburg feat. Peaches, Mykki Blanco, Yetti Meißner and many more great artists.

MS Artville 2017


Welcome to Hamburg's most beautiful open-air gallery, MS Artville. From mid-July on, the spotlight was on art for two weeks.

The River Issue


Welcome to The River Issue. Container Love 4 left its container at the MS Dockville area and hacked the night at Riverkasematten.

Vogelball 2016


The Vogelball is a queer masked ball, which takes place around the MS Dockville area, running parallel to Christopher Street Day in Hamburg.

MS Dockville 2015


Summer 2015 at MS Dockville. The concept for the Container Love exhibition that year was quite easy: Let’s bring art and drinks together.

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