The Birth Of Container Love

Artist Various

Words Christian Ruess

Two creatives, one idea – as so often in life. Hey, let’s have an exhibition, a big one, over several days, day and night, with music, dance and sweat, with lots of good drinks and delicious food, indoor and outdoor, like a mini-festival. And the only theme worth having is love. Love across all borders. The two creatives were Creative Director Christian Ruess and photographer Sabrina Rynas. One call to the MS Dockville Festival was enough to get a few containers in a field to let run wild. For 10 days we hammered, drilled, glued, taped. In the end there were two containers with two different themes. One container was dedicated to the love for music and the Dockville Festival. The other was our Love Tunnel – pictures and collages in neon light. The supporting programme was formed by DJ sets of the Hamburg residents Antoine Baiser, Automart, Benet Rix, Sadhana as well as various acoustic sets. The only thing missing was a fitting name. Well, it’s a good thing the radio is around. And suddenly we heard Container Love by Philipp Boa. Bam. That’s it. Perfect. Let the show begin. From now on, every summer.

Photography Vierfotografen, Timo Sommer