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In-depth interviews with photographers and painters, designers and taste-makers, actors and activists – people who inspire us, revealing the stories behind their work, their passion and their projects.

Photo Chloe Rosser

Alex Huanfa Cheng: Leaving Wonderland

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Paris-based photographer Alex Huanfa Cheng has been exploring and simultaneously pushing the boundaries of documentary photography all of his career. A beautiful clash of two worlds, he is using his experience in fashion to show everyday scenes from three continents and purify them until the point when there is nothing left of reality but a feeling.

Bruce Labruce: Disturbing Realities

Photography | Interviews|

Bruce LaBruce is a continuous art showcase and a reference for queer culture. From one project to the next, the artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and director has always navigated different topics with a distinctive provocation.

Veronique Charlotte: Portraying Queer Bodies Through Gender Project Is A Political Statement


A mix between arts, activism and the opportunity to connect deeper would probably define Gender Project but also Veronique Charlotte, its creative director. In a sweet interview with Container Love, they share thoughts and experiences about gender dysphoria, their career in high fashion, the disappointments of the industry and the need of raising the level of the conversation when talking about LGBTQIA+ legislation and rights.


Ryan Pfluger: Until We Are All Free

Los Angeles photographer Ryan Pfluger’s new book Holding Space: Life and Love Through a Queer Lens is not only a rare documentation of couples being both queer and interracial, but an immensely moving piece of art.


No. 223: Internet Adolescence

Taking photos the same way a director would shoot a movie – Chinese photographer Lin Zhipeng, better known as No. 223, is an artist whose photography is bending both genre and gender.


Laurence Philomène: Changing Seasons

We sat down with Laurence Philomène to talk about the idea behind Puberty and the queer and trans people of the future.


Vico Ortiz: What Does Queer Visibility Really Mean?

An Essay of Love: We sat down and spoke with the iconic Our Flag Means Death actor Vico Ortiz to discuss visibility, identity and queerness.

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