Caroline Kynast: My Point Of View

Artist Caroline Kynast

Words Christian Ruess

With her keen eye for genderless style, Berlin-based photographer and esteemed member of the Container Love family, Caroline Kynast is all about creativity and expressing important messages through her work. She doesn’t just capture the hottest trends in fashion; she embodies the true essence of identities and innovation. 

As part of Container Love, Caroline explores the fashion world, and March was the perfect time to join her on a trip to Paris. What truly excites her is street style photography. In the bustling streets of cities worldwide, she finds boundless inspiration, reveling in the spontaneity and quick thinking required for this captivating art form.

“For me, fashion is like talking to others without saying a word – it’s how I empower myself and communicate my feelings and personality.”

How does fashion influence or inspire you? And what does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is more than just what we wear on the outside; it’s a way to show who we are, feel good about ourselves, be creative, and feel strong. When we pick our clothes, we’re telling the world about ourselves and getting inspired by what’s around us. For me, fashion is like talking to others without saying a word – it’s how I empower myself and communicate my feelings and personality.

From your point of view, what makes street style photography special for you?

For me, street style photography is the perfect mix of portrait, street and editorial photography. Capturing spontaneous fashion moments needs quick thinking, and that’s the part I enjoy most. Getting that perfect shot at just the right time and with the right subject is what makes street style photography thrilling for me.

What excites you about the opportunity to shoot the latest trends at international fashion weeks like Paris?

Fashion Week in Paris is one of the biggest and most important fashion weeks in the world. It’s a dream come true for me, something I’ve worked hard to achieve in recent years. As a photographer, Paris Fashion Week is a huge challenge – it’s unlike any other fashion event in cities like Berlin or Milan. The sheer number of photographers covering the runway, backstage, and street style makes it tough to stand out.

Style and personality are key factors in gaining access as a photographer in Paris. For me, Paris Fashion Week represents a blend of classic Parisian elegance and modern, gender-neutral fashion. Paris offers a wide range of fashion trends like no other fashion week. This diversity is what draws me, particularly the opportunity to capture intimate moments backstage from my point of view.

Photography Caroline Kynast, Brands Victoria Tomas, Pressiat, Uma Wang, Vautrait, Dawei, Kimhekim, Chenpeng