Olivia Ghaliongui: To End An Era Of Discontent

2024-05-24T13:16:50+02:00Spring Is My Love | Interviews|

Paris photographer Olivia Ghalioungui pictures are coming from a quiet place yet cut straight through the noise of modern life. As always, the magic is in the details and in Olivia’s unique approach to taking pictures, exploring both analog and digital format mediums, focusing largely on fashion photography and portraiture.

Caroline Kynast: My Point Of View

2024-03-27T13:03:33+01:00Photography | Interviews|

Berlin-based photographer Caroline Kynast is known for her unique eye for genderless fashion. She expresses creativity and important messages through her work with Container Love. Experience her captivating street style photography journey, where she captures the vibrant essence of fashion with quick thinking and spontaneity.

Lie Ning: Whispering Queer Intimacy In Your Ear


Adored multi-talented artist and November’s global cover of Spotify Glow, Lie Ning, presents, in an exclusive conversation with Container Love, his latest hot music project named ‘sweatshop’, singing about intimacy, connections, and sex. Trust us, we love it!

Tarik Tesfu: The Power Of Trusting Yourself


Labels prevent you from reaching your full potential – journalist, podcaster, performer, and an iconic advocate for genderless fashion, Tarik Tesfu is as real as all-around talents get. In conversation with Container Love’s founder Christian Ruess, Tarik opened up about growing up black and queer in Germany, why he doesn’t like to be called an activist, and how his brand new album, Mutterland, has led him into a new era of self-consciousness.

Ayan Yuruk: “Being True To Yourself Should Be A Life Motto For Everyone”


Beloved queer role model Ayan Yuruk, one of the Fab 5 from Queer Eye Germany, brings a charming and confident energy to everything he does. In conversation with Container Love, Ayan shares bits of his successful young career, the accidental jump on TV, and also the challenges he has faced along his journey into becoming a charming personality in Germany.

Gialu: Non-Binary Representation’s Sweetheart


One of the most exciting voices of non-binary people representation on social media these days. With only 25 years, Gialu lives unapologetically while inspiring generations with quality educational content that celebrates non-binary and trans lives. Gialu shares with Container Love their perspectives about a world that moves forward in queer affairs but still faces several challenges to achieve true inclusion.

Maxwell Poth: Empowering Queer Youth

2023-07-21T14:44:08+02:00A Decade Of Love | Interviews | Books|

Maxwell Poth, in conversation with Container Love, presents his latest book, "Young Queer America: The Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth." Through his nonprofit organization, Project Contrast, the photographer and advocate shares details about his life and this project, aiming to continue raising awareness about mental health and create a safe space that fosters a sense of community for young queer individuals in the US.

Ben Galster: The Call Of The Hidden Dimension

2023-08-10T16:58:20+02:00The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

F​​ilms should make you think about the lives and feelings of others, helping you to learn something new about yourself too – in Container Love’s latest short film, The Hidden Dimension, awarded with Silver Screen at Cannes Young Director Award, director Ben Galster dove deep to capture the beautiful and complex mind of queer visual artist Leo Maki and the challenges behind his craft. We sat down with Ben to talk about his principles in filmmaking, queer visibility, and the unique visual storytelling of The Hidden Dimension.

Ira Lupu: Documenting Homeland Under Attack

2023-06-29T11:16:50+02:00The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

Ukrainian photographer Ira Lupu opens up about the implications of the war in her life and career, including her last documentary photo series Time of the Phoenix portraying her nation under attack. She shares with Container Love the decision behind going back to Ukraine under attack, and the ways that society has come together to protect their country, including having queer military units.

Jan Baszak: Sculpting Spaces

2023-06-29T11:14:32+02:00The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

After a great reception of his last work “The Discomfort of Evening" Jan Baszak sits down with Container Love to talk about his approach to arts as a sculptor and a designer. The inspiration behind his creations and the ways of crafting space. The queer artist also shares his vision upon the current state of LGBTQIA+ rights in Poland and the political scenario.

Krystian Lipiec: Coming Home To You

2023-06-29T11:09:38+02:00The Hidden Dimension | Interviews|

Warsaw artist Krystian Lipiec’s story is one of personal growth, one that has been documented through his gorgeous imagery that he likes to refer to simply as beauty photography. In conversation with Container Love, he told us about the forests surrounding his mother’s house, his coming out, and how overcoming hesitation has changed his life forever.

Alex Huanfa Cheng: Leaving Wonderland

2023-03-15T13:17:10+01:00Photography | Interviews|

Paris-based photographer Alex Huanfa Cheng has been exploring and simultaneously pushing the boundaries of documentary photography all of his career. A beautiful clash of two worlds, he is using his experience in fashion to show everyday scenes from three continents and purify them until the point when there is nothing left of reality but a feeling.

Bruce Labruce: Disturbing Realities

2023-05-04T11:22:22+02:00Interviews | Books|

Bruce LaBruce is a continuous art showcase and a reference for queer culture. From one project to the next, the artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and director has always navigated different topics with a distinctive provocation.

Veronique Charlotte: Portraying Queer Bodies Through Gender Project Is A Political Statement

2023-05-04T13:02:59+02:00Photography | Interviews|

A mix between arts, activism and the opportunity to connect deeper would probably define Gender Project but also Veronique Charlotte, its creative director. In a sweet interview with Container Love, they share thoughts and experiences about gender dysphoria, their career in high fashion, the disappointments of the industry and the need of raising the level of the conversation when talking about LGBTQIA+ legislation and rights.


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