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Love Brands

Love Brands is a striking series of fashion editorials, curated and produced by Container Love. We believe in building up a community with brands supporting queer lifestyle, celebrating diversity and all identities, creating a safe space for everyone.

Photo Eduard Galià for FRNKOW

Kust x Lovem: A Skin To Skin Story

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Premium underwear brand Kust launches a new line of products in collaboration with skincare pioneer Lovem on a sustainable self-care routine which aims to transform the traditional approach to men’s health and beauty.

Love Brands

Jean Gritsfeldt: Fashion As A Statement

Love Brand Jean Gritsfeldt’s latest collection, Born in Kyiv. Sculptor of Love, made headlines all over the world when it made its debut at the Berlin Fashion Week. Shooting a selection of his designs with Container Love, we could finally ask Jean to tell his extraordinary story of starting from scratch after leaving Ukraine, his commitment to environmentalism, and why each piece he creates should be a statement on its own.

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Willy Chavarria: The Eulogy Collection

Menswear-focused New York brand Willy Chavarria’s latest, highly conceptual and socially-charged collection gives a bold and sexy statement in times defined by crisis. 

Kust: Lounge In Style

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There is something new from Kust. A lounge suit in 4 bright colours. Just right for the cozy season. It is the ultimate uniform for any activity, no matter what time of year.

Terrorists Of Beauty: Radically Natural

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Terrorists Of Beauty fight what the beauty industry stands for: perfect bodies, complex treatments. Male, female. Chemical ingredients. Animal testing. Plastic. Micro plastic. Overconsumption. They proclaim a new and uncompromising eco-movement that begins in the bathroom.

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Wanna Become A Love Brand?

Our Love Brands are community-building editorials that bring brands and brand lovers closer. Become a Love Brand and let’s make a statement together – a statement for a queer future.


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