FRNKOW: Minimalist Men’s Loungewear with More

Artist Eduard Galià

Words Tom Czibolya

FRNKOW is a lifestyle and fashion brand for men founded in 2020 by Nadja and Frank Lin. Based in southern Germany, the label offers minimalistic menswear, home- and loungewear as well as underwear. Fabricated in Europe, all garments are produced in a very limited quantity. FRNKOW describe themselves as a non-seasonal brand. Their first collection, MANIFESTO, was inspired by the ancient greek ideal „Kaloskagathos“ and the idea that boys and young men should be led not only to spiritual, but also to moral and physical beauty.

We had a lovely little chat with co-founder Frank Lin. So put on your finest loungewear, get comfy and enjoy our little interview – and the sexy photos by Eduard Galià.

Regarding our current topics – Safe Space. What is a safe space for you?

During the lockdown I realized how much I love my apartment. 
It is really giving me a feeling of safety. 
It’s an environment where I can open myself completely, where I’m vulnerable and where I can calm down. I believe that the pandemic confronted us all with the question: Do I really feel home at home? As we were forced to stay there.

We all love inspiration. And we all could use a little splash of it right now. Where do you get your ideas? And in what ways does your creative process have an effect on your daily life?

I love being inspired by personalities. These can either be real persons or fictional characters from movies and novels. I like to create a world around a person. I always need a setting and a lifestyle for a collection. I’m seeking for inspiring people everywhere and every time.

We love brands and products with a strong message behind them. What’s yours?

We want men to feel comfortable in their own skin. I believe that the FRNKOW man is a man who has come to terms with himself and his masculinity. Even outside of traditional male stereotypes.

How do you spread love with your product?

We’re trying to give men the opportunity to express their more sensitive side by wearing our designs.

Tell us your first love story. In 10 words.

It’s a modern love story. I saw him through a webcam 
and fell in love.

For us love is diversity — of sexualities, ethnicities, genders, something that smashes the container. So what is love for you?

Love is a mystery to me. It’s very powerful, unexplainable and intangible.

What would you really like to do? Right now? Instead of answering these little questions…

I would love to explore a new city. I really want to experience something but I guess this is difficult at the moment.

Photos © Eduard Galià

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