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Photo Rob Tennent

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Container Love’s specially curated selection of the artworks of photographers from all over the queer-spectrum and beyond, portraying real-life diversity.

Photo Timmi Taubenschreck

Garrett Naccarato: If Falling For You Was A Sin

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

In a season of change and blossom, the photography of Garret Naccarato is here to take center stage. An extraordinary photographer and art director, Garret’s work comes in many shapes and forms, bringing out the human experience of high end commercials and personal projects alike.

David Mesa: True Love From The Land of Promises

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Magazine meets documentary in the captivating imagery of Colombian photographer David Mesa. Part of our springtime blossom of artists to discover, David’s work is a real highlight, with his photography exploring the hopes and the love people are holding on to, on both sides of the Atlantic. Explore David’s sun-kissed imagery with a special selection of his works.

Adriana Cuenca: Portrait of The Never-Ending Youth

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Innocence and reckoning go hand in hand in Adriana Cuenca’s pure photography tapping into the beauty and vulnerability of eternal youth. With a great love for cinema, The Barcelona-based photographer and filmmaker’s images tell a story of innocence, courage, and intimacy serving as an invitation for the viewer to discover their own reflections in Adriana’s models.

Timmi Taubenschreck: Between Intimacy and Voyeurism

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Skin meets nature in two cities, thousands of kilometers apart in the balancing act that is Timmi Taubenschreck’s intercontinental photography. To make our springtime special even more special, Timmi tells about his happy place and the inspiration behind his latest project, featuring the best of Berlin and Cape Town, Godsandboys.

Mengwen Cao: How We Bloom

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

New York-based photographer Mengwen Cao is no new name to the Container Love family, but their ability to reinvent their art and imagery has earned them not only our constant attention but a forever place in our hearts. And just as it always happens when we feature Mengwen’s work, their latest series, How We Bloom is yet again a piece of art to live for.

Mirielle Alina Rohr: Love Making Sense

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Paris photographer Mirielle Alina Rohr channels the hypervisuality of her vivid dreams into equally captivating pictures that live on the border of fashion photography and conceptual art. As part of our Spring Is My Love special, Mirielle tells about her childhood dream, and how she learned to always trust the process.



For all occasions and coffee tables – reviews, previews and sneak peeks into the latest books and magazines by visual storytellers making a difference.

Photo Florian Hetz

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert: “Bigger” Self-Love

Photography | Books|

“Bigger” is the new book and photo project of photographer Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert. Portraying the beauty of larger bodies, the artist presents a visual journey that navigates the topics of self-love and self-perception of bigger male-identyfying.

The Queer Archive: Kavla #3 – Slaughterhouse

Photography | Books|

A slaughterhouse isn’t just a house of death. It’s a space in between life and death, the road to the Underworld”, explains the introduction of the third issue of KAVLA fanzine, the latest independent publication from The Queer Archive. Featuring the work of more than 20 queer artists, it is definitely a work not to be missed.

Ilya Zakharin: A Photobook Of Bodies And Expression

Photography | Books|

Photographer Ilya Zakharin presents his debut photobook “Body”. The project explores the shapes, contrasts, and shadows of male-identifying figures while also serving an underlying purpose of showing support to queer artists in Russia, the artist’s motherland.

J.H. Engström: Elegant Minimalism In 30 Years Of Filippa K

Photography | Books|

Photographer and visual artist J.H. Engström has collaborated with Filippa K to publish a photography book titled “It’s Been 30 Years”. Crafted hand-in-hand with Filippa K's Creative Director, Liisa Kessler, the book celebrate three decades of Scandinavian elegance and minimalism presenting selected garments and accessories from the 30 years of the fashion house alongside unpublished material from the photographer.

Maximilian Virgili: A Colourful Escape From Routine

Photography | Books|

As an invitation to escape routine, photographer Maximilian Virgili presents his book “Out Of Office”. Bold colors, pleasant landscapes, everyday people, random situations, stunning nature, bits of the city, captivating interiors, and much more, describe this mesmerizing visual journal to enjoy the beauty of the simple.

Andrés Reisinger: An Endless Creative Dream


‘Unclassifiable’ is the latest book of contemporary digital artist and designer, Andrés Reisinger. A poetic and soothing visual journey that invites to let creativity travel beyond the imagination. Combining techniques and using artificial intelligence, his latest book offers an abstract representation of the past seven years of the artist’s career.

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