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Photo Rob Tennent

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Container Love’s specially curated selection of the artworks of photographers from all over the queer-spectrum and beyond, portraying real-life diversity.

Photo Timmi Taubenschreck

Toby Coulson: The Joy Of Exploration

A Decade Of Love | Photography|

Inspiration is everywhere and up for grabs for the ones who wander the world with an open heart – London photographer Toby Coulson takes pictures during his extensive travels, from his homeland, the United Kingdom, to faraway lands sometimes on the other side of the globe. Working with an incredibly diverse array of people, Toby’s photography brings a very distinctive kind of serenity and surrealism to the table: his art is his traveling journal, built entirely on the “what if” scenarios of his adventures.

Jari Jones By Malik Dupree: An Iconic Collaboration

Editorial | Photography|

There are only a handful of characters out there right now that can compare to the force of nature that is Jari Jones. The legendary transfem activist, model, writer, and producer has done a lot for queer rights and to make the community visible in the US and worldwide. Now, her message of love gets an iconic rewrap thanks to wickedly talented Brooklyn photographer Malik Dupree and their beautiful collaboration.

Jamal Nxedlana: I Am Because You Are


The art of letting others shine – Johannesburg-based photographer Jamal Nxedlana captures the reality of queerness in South Africa. In conversation with Container Love, Jamal told us about how a community’s story should be told, the challenges of getting political as an artist and why he sees his world as a part of something larger.

uns*: Education As The Key For An Inclusive Industry


As the first exclusive LGBTQIA+ model and talent agency in the country, uns* has earned a place in the German market. Celebrating two years since their founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland started, they share perspectives about the challenges of the business and the relevance of having queer bodies in the industry.



For all occasions and coffee tables – reviews, previews and sneak peeks into the latest books and magazines by visual storytellers making a difference.

Photo Florian Hetz

Maximilian Virgili: A Colourful Escape From Routine


As an invitation to escape routine, photographer Maximilian Virgili presents his book “Out Of Office”. Bold colors, pleasant landscapes, everyday people, random situations, stunning nature, bits of the city, captivating interiors, and much more, describe this mesmerizing visual journal to enjoy the beauty of the simple.

Andrés Reisinger: An Endless Creative Dream


‘Unclassifiable’ is the latest book of contemporary digital artist and designer, Andrés Reisinger. A poetic and soothing visual journey that invites to let creativity travel beyond the imagination. Combining techniques and using artificial intelligence, his latest book offers an abstract representation of the past seven years of the artist’s career.

Richard Kranzin: Unveiling Intimate Moments


"The Three Of Us" is the new book of photographer Richard Kranzin. The story about Jakob, Malik, and Friedrich evokes the taste of a young lover's summer where nature seamlessly merges with intimacy and eroticism.

Maxwell Poth: Empowering Queer Youth

A Decade Of Love | Interviews | Books|

Maxwell Poth, in conversation with Container Love, presents his latest book, "Young Queer America: The Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth." Through his nonprofit organization, Project Contrast, the photographer and advocate shares details about his life and this project, aiming to continue raising awareness about mental health and create a safe space that fosters a sense of community for young queer individuals in the US.

PNPPL: Sweet Summer Treats


It’s summertime, and our friends at PNPPL are back with their magazine’s brand-new, eighth issue. As always, PNPPL delivers a finely curated selection of over a dozen beautiful artists this time with the front and back cover shot by none other than photographers Adán Romero and Sebastián Delgado. Have a sneak peek into the PNPPL editorials of the summer and all the good stuff that await in the latest issue.

Nana Yaw Oduro: Losing It At Home

Photography | Books|

What to do when you feel like you are losing the very things that made you the person that you are? – Accra photographer Nana Yaw Oduro’s latest book, Losing It At Home is a beautiful medium to tell a heavy story of one’s struggles and self-doubt.

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