Maxwell Poth: Empowering Queer Youth

2023-07-21T14:44:08+02:00A Decade Of Love | Interviews | Books|

Maxwell Poth, in conversation with Container Love, presents his latest book, "Young Queer America: The Real Stories and Faces of LGBTQ+ Youth." Through his nonprofit organization, Project Contrast, the photographer and advocate shares details about his life and this project, aiming to continue raising awareness about mental health and create a safe space that fosters a sense of community for young queer individuals in the US.

PNPPL: Sweet Summer Treats


It’s summertime, and our friends at PNPPL are back with their magazine’s brand-new, eighth issue. As always, PNPPL delivers a finely curated selection of over a dozen beautiful artists this time with the front and back cover shot by none other than photographers Adán Romero and Sebastián Delgado. Have a sneak peek into the PNPPL editorials of the summer and all the good stuff that await in the latest issue.

Nana Yaw Oduro: Losing It At Home

2023-05-15T11:10:17+02:00Photography | Books|

What to do when you feel like you are losing the very things that made you the person that you are? – Accra photographer Nana Yaw Oduro’s latest book, Losing It At Home is a beautiful medium to tell a heavy story of one’s struggles and self-doubt.

Stéphane Gizard: Hunting Down Memories

2023-04-13T12:15:28+02:00Photography | Books|

An archive of unpublished images from 1999 showing different encounters and shades of youth. That is Irréversible, the last book of Paris photographer Stéphane Gizard that shows in a mix of polaroid photos and films a look back with elegance on what is not with us anymore. A trip of nostalgia, a journey of emotions, lovers and memories in conversation with Container Love.

Ryan Pfluger: Until We Are All Free

2023-05-04T13:02:09+02:00Interviews | Books|

Los Angeles photographer Ryan Pfluger’s new book Holding Space: Life and Love Through a Queer Lens is not only a rare documentation of couples being both queer and interracial, but an immensely moving piece of art.

Bruce Labruce: Disturbing Realities

2023-05-04T11:22:22+02:00Interviews | Books|

Bruce LaBruce is a continuous art showcase and a reference for queer culture. From one project to the next, the artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and director has always navigated different topics with a distinctive provocation.

PNPPL: Good To See You Again, Beautiful

2023-04-18T14:36:40+02:00Photography | Books|

Pineapple rolls out its 7th issue, a wonderfully curated zine featuring the artworks of 14 of the planet’s most amazing gay artists. Have a sneak peek with us into another masterpiece by one of our favorite publishers and get ready to enter a world of bold beauty.

Queer Body, Queer Skin, Queer Tattoo


With over 50 international, queer tattoo artists included, along with extensive portraits, texts and images of all that the community has to offer, the Queer Tattoo book shows what tattooing truly is… an art.


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