PNPPL Zine: Make Me, Have Me

Editor Ben Sabo

Words Tom Czibolya

One thing is for certain, we love art in all shapes and forms, especially when it’s so fresh, so brave and electric like the Pineapple magazine. We’ve been waiting for months for the new issue to come out and boy was it worth it.

The PNPPL zine 06 features in total 14 artists, photographers from all around the globe, from Argentina to New Zealand. And yes, it’s not only gorgeous looking, but one thick book with 150 pages of the unquestionably naked truth. It’s got unpublished photo editorials, one-off artworks by the wonderful Neil Gilks and even an interview with NYC-based ceramic sculptor and media artist, aka one of our favorite madmen, Colin J. Radcliffe.

Staying true to Pineapple’s traditions, issue number six is a limited edition of only 200 copies worldwide with 100% of the profit going to the artists themselves. If you are quick enough you can still grab your copy before their stock is sold out! PNPPL ZINE’S shop:

Contributors: Cover Story Enzo Tonati, Model Alexandre, Choreography Alexandre Bibia, Simon by Raphaél Pinheiro, Iggy by Sebastian Perinotti, Gabriele & Paolo by Samuel Cimma, Styling Fabio Bigondi, Jewelry Pepa Flaca, Photography Rob Tennent, Artworks Colin J. Radcliffe, David Besan by David Mesa, Photo Assistant Juna Esteban, Special Thanks to Clara Gomezhe, Nil by Armando Terrero Lazaro Scabbia, Make-up & Hair Francis Molina, Filmmaking Jorge Silvia, Styling Carolina Lafuente, Location My Fucking Studio, Thanks to Revelab Studio, Isidro De Quesada, James by Josh Paul Thomas, Spyros by Joey Leo, Fashion Cult Models, Colten & Henry by Christopher Sherman, Models Florian Tenk , Aaron, Cody, Justin, Hans by Aaron J. Hooper, Back Cover & Artworks Neil Gilks

Images Samuel Cimma

Pictures Sebastian Perinotti

Pictures Aaron James Hooper

Pictures Armando Terrero

Pictures Christopher Sherman

Pictures Colin J. Radcliffe

Pictures by David Mesa

Pictures Enzo Tonati

Pictures Joey Leo

Pictures Josh Paul Thomas

Pictures Raphaél Pinheiro

Pictures Florian Tenk

Pictures Neil Gilks

Pictures Rob Tennent