For our Online Platform as well as our Exhibition Series, we are always looking for talented artists from around the universe and their view on love and sexuality. Here we wanna celebrate the beautiful normal, the extraordinary ways of life, the rebellion of beauty! Therefor, we are happy to feature a diversity of art forms like art photographs, fashion editorials, illustrations, short films, or anything about love, body positivity, femininity, gender breaking work. Wanna join the love resistance? Then here’s what to consider:


Photographers: Please send us a small PDF and the corresponding JPEG files with 1000px wide. If we like what we see and your work fits to our love theme, we would like to do an additional interview to introduce you and your art to welcome you as a member in our Container Love family. Also you can get the chance to be part of Container Love’s exhibition Series.

Writers: Wanna tell your story? Or someone else’s? Send us a summary or the whole article, a concept or ideas for an article you would like to publish on our website. Alternatively, we can do an interview to introduce you, your work, and your experiences.

Film makers, illustrators and other arty people: Feel like your work fits at 100% to Container Love? Show us! The more diverse, the more love. Please send us a small file to look at your work. If we like what wee see, we’ll get in touch with you.

Please notice that your submitted work doesn’t have to be exclusive only for Container Love as we just wanna share the love around the universe. And we love new work. Once you’ve submitted, please give us a little time up to one week to respond. We are very looking forward to seeing your work! We don’t accept any kind of violence or stupidity.


A couple of times a year, Container Love is opening its Love Container. Here, we are showing the most beautiful photographs, inspiring short films, smart readings, and awesome gigs and performances. If you wanna be part of this exclusive events, feel free to send us samples of your work or ideas to contribute and say Hi.

Please send all submissions to info@containerlove.art.