PNPPL: Good To See You Again, Beautiful

Magazine PNPPL

Words Tom Czibolya

Pineapple rolls out its 7th issue, a wonderfully curated zine featuring the artworks of 14 of the planet’s most amazing gay artists. Have a sneak peek with us into another masterpiece by one of our favorite publishers and get ready to enter a world of bold beauty.

There aren’t that many traditions that we like to keep, but spreading the word about one of our favorite zines is clearly one of them. It’s been a while since we could celebrate a new Pineapple issue, but if you’re familiar with Container Love, you already know that we tend to fall in love with finely curated magazines. And the 7th issue of Pineapple is no exception.

With a cover story by Walter Jenkel and featuring photographs of Arthur Iskandarov, J Geiger, Dmitry Maximov, Marc Tulan, Spyros Rennt , Pantelis, Clément Legrand, Juan Papagni Meca and Ori Paul Levi as well as artworks of Paul-Sebastian Japaz, Clément Louis or Pascual Rodriguez, the new Pineapple undoubtedly delivers. On every level imaginable. Printed in 200 copies and on 150 pages, the 7th issue is definitely one for the collection.

Get your copy of the new PNPPL here!