Rob Tennent: Our First Last Time Together

Artist Rob Tennent

Words Tom Czibolya

Rob Tennent started his love affair with 35mm photography when the pandemic hit. In limbo with constantly changing lockdown regulations he took his trusty camera and traveled across New Zealand to become a witness to precious moments. Moments that fade away way too quickly. The title of Rob’s new photobook I’M GOING TO MISS YOU alone is a late love letter that hits closer to home that we might like to admit. The pandemic redefined intimacy as we knew it, transforming our old lives into a chain of memories, like scenes from a summer when life felt light and easy.

Looking at Rob’s compositions a strong feeling of loss comes over us: losing time, losing touch, losing intimacy, losing the lightness of existence. But where there is shadow, there is light. I’M GOING TO MISS YOU is also pure visual poetry, an ode to the tragedy of being young and full of life, a hardcover treasure proving that in a world that is seemingly falling apart, love remains the only force worth holding on to.