Form And Function by Chloe Rosser

Artist Chloe Roesser

Words Tom Czibolya

Chloe Rosser is a photographer living in London. In her series FORM & FUNCTION, Chloe transforms the body into fleshy sculptures that allow her and us to look at the human body differently. About her abstraction of the human body she says: „I’ve made this work to challenge mainstream concepts of body image by capturing a fluidity of gender and identity. I worked with people with a variety of skin tones and body shapes with ages ranging from about twenty to sixty and including people of a non gender binary. And in these images they all stand on equal terms. With a so often male dominated subject area, I offer a female perspective.“

The series was a Kickstarter project and was published as a book – available on her website.

Photos © Chloe Roesser

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