On The Streets Of Love with Florian Hetz

Artist Florian Hetz

Words Tom Czibolya

AIKO seems in some ways like a guide to think about things you haven’t wanted to or been able to think about for a long time” – there are a lot of brilliant thoughts and spot-on-approaches in Daniel Schreiber’s foreword for Florian Hetz’s new photobook. And they are there for a reason. AIKO, Florian’s latest book is without doubt one of his most personal works to date: a photo diary that invites us to ride the emotional rollercoaster of a wonderful artist living in a very strange time.

More than in his previous publications, Florian contextualizes his nudes and embeds them in impressions of his everyday life. Male bodies in almost sculptural poses meet wilting tulip blossoms, flayed citrus fruits and shots of empty streets in Berlin, Vienna, Oslo, Bavaria or

If you have been following Container Love since the beginning, you already know that we’ve got a thing for Florian’s images and the way he interprets intimacy, love and longing. We feel very fortunate to witness the transformation of Florian from being an aspiring artist to becoming a great one and we are sure that AIKO will be a huge milestone in his artistic journey.