Florian Hetz: A Book Called Zwei

Artist Florian Hetz

Words Tom Czibolya

The new monograph Zwei by Berlin/L.A. based photographer Florian Hetz presents a cross-section of his work and his unmistakable visual world. In Zwei he presents more than 200 photographs from both sides of the Atlantic facing each other and creating a dialogue between seemingly unrelated images and situations. Exciting and unagitated at the same time, Florian Hetz’s photos provide voyeuristic insights into the intimate sphere of his models. Through close-ups of male body parts and seemingly everyday gestures, he directs the focus on often unnoticed undertones and amplifies them. Florian Hetz combines his Berlin studio work with natural daylight photography from Los Angeles. He uses every double page of the book as a stage for his photographs, which become a playful conversation between bodies and landscapes, faces and objects. Get the book here.