Boys! Boys! Boys! Goes Magazine

Artist Ghislain Pascal

Words Tom Czibolya

Boys! Boys! Boys! goes magazine. And we love it! We had a little chat with founder and director Ghislain Pascal from The Little Black Gallery and asked him to tell us a little more about the project. Get a first glimpse at the magazine here. And then go get it! For stockists or to buy the magazine go to

Tell us a little bit about the brand new Boys! Boys! Boys! magazine.

It is a magazine to promote and celebrate queer and gay photography and an extension of our art platform Boys! Boys! Boys!

Volume 1 features ten photographers from ten countries: Alex Avgud (Russia), Domenico Cennamo (Italy), Michael Epps (USA), Serge Le Hidalgo (Spain), Matheus Katayama (Brazil), Krzysztof Marchlak (Poland), Paul McDonald (UK), Niv Shank (Israel), Michael Søndergaard (Denmark), and Tyler Udall (Canada).

Why did you decide to start a magazine? And why now?

The magazine happened very organically. We had already published two Boys! Boys! Boys! books as part of our programme – one self-published with a foreword by David Furnish in 2018, and a second published by Mendo and teNeues last year – both which sold out. Then Niv Shank, an Israeli photographer, approached me last year with his series ‘By The Lake’. I loved it and knew it needed to be seen properly in a magazine not just a few artworks on our website, in a book or in an exhibition. It all happened very quickly and within four months we had published our first issue. Mad really but everything just fell into place and the response has been amazing – with copies flying out from our website and newsagents worldwide. It’s amazing to see the magazine on the shelves in newsagents around the world alongside Vogue. It feels good!

What is the magazine about? What’s the idea behind it?

It is a magazine for queer and gay photography.

You may ask why do we need a platform and magazine for queer and gay photography?

The simple answer is that queer and gay photography is grossly underrepresented in the fine art world, and even more so in the mainstream media.

Boys! Boys! Boys! is pushing back against this and attempting to make it mainstream and showcasing queer and gay photography in the context of fine art photography.

Our new magazine is part of our efforts to go global, reach more people and make it the norm. The responses are promising!

And of course, most importantly – where can we get it?

You can buy it online from or from our many stockists worldwide from London – New York – Mexico City! They are all listed on our website & growing every week.