Anil Ayhan: Tales From The City

Artist Anil Ayhan

Words Tom Czibolya

“Were you ever invested in a reality that may have differed from yours? Did you ever consider that your upbringing, your truths could be but a mere version of the infinite ways life can be perceived depending on your makings and chance?” – musician, model, and dancer Lie Ning is a multi-talent in the truest sense. Captured for our first printed magazine by Berlin photographer and member of the Container Love family, Anil Ayhan, the pictures born out of their collaboration are telling a story of pride, defiance, but above all, a story of love. For Lin and for us too, visibility is everything. It means embracing and expressing your authentic thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and desires without fear of judgment or rejection. “I’m honestly not here to change anything. It feels nearly impossible to force clarity on people. So I chose to just live. To live life loud, while staying true to myself. If this helps anyone to feel more confident in their own skin or others to take that stick of patriarchy, heteronormativity, colonialist thinking, institutionalized religion, and forced capitalist pressure out of their ass, that’s cute.”

Photography Anil Ayhan, Talent Lie Ning, Hair & Make-Up Ahmed Mnissi, Special Thanks To Bondy & Foto Kotti

“Love lies on our tongues, coats our lips, moves freely. Love has no shape yet inhabits every form. Love is ever-evolving. Love can be fleeting but always lingers.”

Lie Ning, Artist