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Container Love’s specially curated selection of the artworks of photographers from all over the queer-spectrum and beyond, portraying real-life diversity.

Photo Timmi Taubenschreck

Tim Sonntag: A Hidden Side Of Masculinity

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Symbolism, dramatic lights, and shadows are all part of Berlin photographer Tim Sonntag’s art. As part of our Spring Is My Love series, Tim’s artworks are sitting comfortably in the place in between still lifes and documentary photography. His pictures, including the ones from the series Maennerbilder, remain one-of-a-kind as they explore the emotions behind the concept of modern-day masculinity.

Gerard Molón: Put Your Heart Into It

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

The gorgeous imagery of Barcelona photographer and art director Gerard Molón is defined by his roots in fashion, and his supercharged creativity. For his editorial, part of our Spring Is My Love series, Gerard put together a special selection of pictures in the spirit of celebrating identities and the art of expressing them.

Tsele Nthane: Life In The Moment Before

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Tsele’s Nthane life is a life in full color. In his work, the Cape Town photographer captures some of the most vibrant, authentic characters of his hometown and beyond, with pictures adding up to a great-than-life celebration of identities. Tsele’s pictures give us a glimpse into the beating heart of South Africa: a fierce, and fearless, and beautiful generation refusing to give in to old dogmas.

Eden Jetschmann: Snapshots of Realization

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Browsing through Berlin photographer Eden Jetschmann’s pictures can feel like flipping through a long-lost photo album, discovering a roadmap into someone else’s life and memories. Eden’s photography taps into a collective subconscious, serving as an open invitation to untangle and reframe a lot of misguided sets of understandings about one’s identity.

Arianna Genghini: Anatomy Of A Beautiful Feeling

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Milan photographer and director Arianna Genghini’s body of work is an exploration of the female world. Through fashion and portraits, she shares stories of love, motherhood, empowerment, and does so with a forever love and inexhaustible enthusiasm for all shapes of the ever-changing female body.

Lana Prins: The Closer To You, The Closer To Me

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Lana Prins’ photography is close to the skin. With her selection of pictures for her Container Love editorial, she’s showing an intimate glimpse into her life and the lives of those around her. By capturing emotionally charged photos of the women around her, she explores what it means to be a woman for herself and for those close to her.

Garrett Naccarato: If Falling For You Was A Sin

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

In a season of change and blossom, the photography of Garret Naccarato is here to take center stage. An extraordinary photographer and art director, Garret’s work comes in many shapes and forms, bringing out the human experience of high end commercials and personal projects alike.

David Mesa: True Love From The Land of Promises

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Magazine meets documentary in the captivating imagery of Colombian photographer David Mesa. Part of our springtime blossom of artists to discover, David’s work is a real highlight, with his photography exploring the hopes and the love people are holding on to, on both sides of the Atlantic. Explore David’s sun-kissed imagery with a special selection of his works.

Adriana Cuenca: Portrait of The Never-Ending Youth

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Innocence and reckoning go hand in hand in Adriana Cuenca’s pure photography tapping into the beauty and vulnerability of eternal youth. With a great love for cinema, The Barcelona-based photographer and filmmaker’s images tell a story of innocence, courage, and intimacy serving as an invitation for the viewer to discover their own reflections in Adriana’s models.

Timmi Taubenschreck: Between Intimacy and Voyeurism

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Skin meets nature in two cities, thousands of kilometers apart in the balancing act that is Timmi Taubenschreck’s intercontinental photography. To make our springtime special even more special, Timmi tells about his happy place and the inspiration behind his latest project, featuring the best of Berlin and Cape Town, Godsandboys.

Mengwen Cao: How We Bloom

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

New York-based photographer Mengwen Cao is no new name to the Container Love family, but their ability to reinvent their art and imagery has earned them not only our constant attention but a forever place in our hearts. And just as it always happens when we feature Mengwen’s work, their latest series, How We Bloom is yet again a piece of art to live for.

Mirielle Alina Rohr: Love Making Sense

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Paris photographer Mirielle Alina Rohr channels the hypervisuality of her vivid dreams into equally captivating pictures that live on the border of fashion photography and conceptual art. As part of our Spring Is My Love special, Mirielle tells about her childhood dream, and how she learned to always trust the process.

Antonio Velez: The Dream To Explore

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

The world waits for no one, so you better take your chances and get out there – Berlin-based photographer and image maker Antonio Velez’s art is the perfect mixture of portrait mastery, intimacy, and utter playfulness. And having his breathtakingly fine selection of his personal works as part of our springtime special is enough for our hearts to skip a beat.

Mauricio Holc: Ser Libre

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Stories of identities, communities, and chosen families come to life in Mauricio Holc’s extraordinary pictures. With a tremendous love for fashion and documentary, the Argentina-based photographer and visual artist approaches his subjects with a desire to tell stories of queer people on their quest for visibility, acceptance, and love.

Nikos Karpouzis: Carry Me Home

Spring Is My Love | Editorial|

Greek photographer’s gorgeous pictures invite us on a journey to explore sensuality and the concept of home far away from home. For our latest special, we were eager to hear Nikos’ thoughts on sunrises, the raw energy of his model’s that he’s so much in awe of, and capturing life’s essence.

Kadar R. Small: All The Little Things We Love

Editorial | Spring Is My Love|

Sometimes, the stories with the most heart to them are the ones within arm’s reach – New York photographer Kadar R. Small is showing the world and insider’s perspective on the concept of love, friendship, and brotherhood. To continue with this season’s Container Love special, let’s enjoy a gorgeous selection of Kadar’s very best, pictures that shatter stereotypes about race, class, and queer love in America.

Love, Lust, And Freedom: A Must-Visit Queer Exhibition


A journey of multiple identity expressions, “Love, Lust and Freedom” is the new exhibition of Kunstmuseum Brandts, featuring the work of several beloved international photographers capturing moments of the lives of queer people and their essential right to exist, to love, and to desire, whoever and however they want.

Berlin Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes Of AW 24/25

Editorial | Photography|

Container Love participated in the recent edition of Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 24/25, from the runway to backstage and vice versa. We have curated a selection of the best of local brands that are poised to make a statement in the upcoming seasons, check it out.

BlackPearl: Breathing Fire

Container Talks | Photography|

BlackPearl embodies strenght, power, and loads of fierce attitude. As a multidisciplinary artist, her ways of expression expands together with every step she takes. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, check her editorial with Container Love.

Youngchan: In The Motion

Container Talks | Photography|

Scouted by Cameron Nedrick, Youngchan embodies pure movement as a passion. With a clear and strong message against hatred and stereotypes, the talent embraces change and the journey of discovering new ways to express.

Denys: Look At Me, Yes You

Container Talks | Photography|

Denys is a natural wanderer who embraces life in its complexity. However, in his eyes, there is no need to discuss it only with words, as expression and creativity allow him to speak too. Represented by Cameron Nedrick, this face reveals that he once fantasized about being a mermaid instead.

Dan Grips: Exuding Style

Container Talks | Photography|

Dan Grips exudes an intriguing and magnetic attitude and look. Tattoos are their tool for expression, among other creative passions he treasures. Represented by Eli X Casting, the talent does not hold back in expressing his committed love for others.

Szymon Stepniak: With The Whole World Watching


All lovers deserve a safe space to thrive in – inspired by Berlin’s club culture and how the city’s nightlife remains a stronghold for queer lovers, Szymon Stepniak’s new series displays body-on-body intimacy with a mighty glow. The Berlin-based photographer invited some passionate couples and individuals alike to his studio and took pictures as their emotions filled up the space like no one was watching.

David Urbanke: The Voice Of A New Era

Editorial | Visible Love|

Stunning, powerful and unapologetic: black Filipina trans woman Jari Jones has become a generational icon and inspiration for all the right reasons. Shot by David Urbanke, Jari and her partner Deniz are familiar faces in a new era of inclusivity. Her role as an actress, model, producer and creative provides authenticity, compassion and hope, paving the way for future generations.

Celine Yasemin & Milena Zara: Category Is… Realness

Editorial | Visible Love|

Every transition is also a journey, from self-hate to self-love – photographers Celine Yasemin and Milena Zara wanted to show the realness of transition while shooting iconic model and influencer Steph Barreto. The fruit of an amazing collaboration, their editorial is full of heart, as featured in Container Love’s first-ever print magazine, the Visibility Issue.

Anil Ayhan: Tales From The City

Editorial | Visible Love|

In a world that is relentlessly trying to mold us into predefined shapes, there is immense power and liberation in staying true to yourself – for his series features in our printed magazine, The Visibility Issue, Berlin photographer Anil Ayhan collaborated with musician, dancer, and queer tastemaker Lie Ning. Their duo’s beautiful work is proof that sometimes the best way to break through the noise is to just sing louder.

Ansgar Sollmann: The Present Is Genderless

Editorial | Visible Love|

Musician and queer tastemaker Tarik Tesfu was shot by London-based photographer Ansgar Sollman for Container Love’s first printed magazine. A vital part of our Visible Love exhibition, their collaboration explores the liberating beauty of genderless fashion and how the media should take responsibility in not only displaying queer people but letting them behind the camera too.

Bastian Thiery: Hungry Eyes

Editorial | Visible Love|

It’s not about beauty that’s transformative but about the transformation that’s beautiful – iconic makeup-up artist and drag superstar Hungry was shot by Berlin-based photographer Bastian Thiery for Container Love’s Visibility Issue. A celebration of creativity and queerness, Bastian’s series is one that’s here to stay for a long time.

Slava Mogutin: It’s Hot Out There

Editorial | Visible Love|

As the city sweats and the hot summer sun is melting the streets, the world becomes a playground, and every given moment, an opportunity for celebrating the vibrant tapestry of life. From posing naked on the roof to getting a cool splash on the balcony, New York-based artist Slava Mogutin's series of fun and sexy portraits is an untamed celebration of life and unapologetic queerness.

AdeY: To Let You In On Something Big

Editorial | Visible Love|

What stories does your body silently reveal about you when you are at your most vulnerable? – through a blend of humor and experimentation, AdeY sheds light not only on our strengths while fleeting instances of social oppression, isolation, anxiety, and depression that seemingly intertwine with the essence of the human experience. Check out AdeY’s pictures as featured in our Visibility Issue.

Robin Kater: A Little Extra

Editorial | Visible Love|

In a world where conformity and external validation often hold sway, all you need for happiness is to be a little extra – photographer Robin Kater shot talented performer, media personality, and his fellow Berliner Robin Solf. Out of their collaboration was born Robin’s amazing editorial, an essential part of Container Love’s first printed magazine, the Visibility Issue.

Julien Barbès: Wanderlust

Editorial | Visible Love|

The only thing greater than the excitement of discovering is the excitement of being discovered – Berlin-based photographer Julien Barbès’ shot Santa K for Container Love's first printed magazine. A gorgeous visual manifesto of queer visibility, Julien’s series is just as bold, playful, and glamorous as his muse for the day.

Nikk Martin: The Sky Over Your Shoulders

Editorial | Visible Love|

When surrounded by nature, one can be vulnerable and it’s only through letting ourselves be vulnerable that we can find our greatest strength – Nikk Martin shot musician and queer tastemaker Blazey for Container Love’s fist print magazine, the Visibility Issue. His series takes us on a journey into nature, documenting a process of self-acceptance, and celebrating the unique qualities that make us who we are.

Allie & Jesse: Vision Of A Queer West

Editorial | Visible Love|

Changing the cultural narrative – New York photographers Allie Leepson and Jesse McClary’s ongoing series gives us a glimpse into the lives of the bold and defiant LGBTQ+ communities living in the American West. With their pictures published as part of our Visible Love exhibition, Allie and Jesse spotlight their resilience and rightful sense of belonging in a culture that hasn't always welcomed or acknowledged them.

Daniela Müller-Brunke: Istabane

Editorial | Visible Love|

The underestimated power of the community – Daniela Mueller Brunke returned to the semi-desert grasslands of South Africa, to document the life of queer people in an often hostile environment. Her pictures featured in Container Love’s Visibility Issue show the rarely-seen reality of queer folks in South Africa, opening a door to a beautiful, strong community of people daring to be themselves against all odds.

Osman Özel: Folds

Editorial | Visible Love|

The memories have the power to connect us to the future – Berlin-based photographer Osman Özel’s series for Visible Love is a collection of dreamy snippets straight out of the subconscious. Part of Container Love’s 10 years anniversary, Osman’s gorgeous editorial brings a unique mixture of fashion and portrait photography to the game, elevating the genres and making us reevaluate our perceptions of memories, and what they might hold.

Steve Marais: Tucked Away In The Grunewald Forest

Editorial | Visible Love|

Shot by Steve Marais at Berlin’s Teufelssee with giant mermaid Frieder Sell, the series pays homage to the rich heritage of LGBTQIA+ individuals who have sought and still seek solace and connection at this picturesque little lake, tucked away in the Grunewald forest. Shooting in this queer safe space invites reflection on the interplay between societal norms and free self-expression, and perhaps fosters a deeper understanding of love and inclusivity.

Szymon Stepniak: Into The Great Wide Open

Editorial | Visible Love|

In celebrating queer love in public, we celebrate the triumph of love over adversity, the resilience of the queer community, and the power of visibility in challenging societal norms. Shooting Chris and Malte of erotic art collective Pornceptual, Szymon Stepniak's goal was to increase the visibility of queer relationships by showing authentic and affectionate moments in public spaces.

Rob Tennent: Sanctuary

Editorial | Visible Love|

In a world filled with complexities, there exists a timeless and profound emotion that transcends all boundaries – pure love and intimacy. Created for Container Love’s first printed magazine, Rob Tennent’s couples series captures connections that go beyond physicality, connections that delve into the very depths of our souls.

Caroline Mackintosh: Tangible Love

Editorial | Visible Love|

A touch can mean nothing, a touch can change everything – the series Caroline Mackintosh shot for our first printed Visibility Issue is one about touch, movement, and skin-on-skin intimacy. Enjoy Caroline’s amazing pictures, an ode to queer communities worldwide, emphasizing the power of togetherness.

Kostis Fokas: Red Hot Shores

Editorial | Visible Love|

Athens photographer Kostis Fokas accompanies two young men to the Greek seaside in his series, produced for Container Love’s first-ever printed Visibility Issue. Part of our latest Visible Love exhibition, these images bring back memories of a perfect, sun-soaked afternoon, a forever reminder of how lustful, gorgeous, and happy youth can be.

Kemara Pol: The Garden Of Eden

Editorial | Visible Love|

Isn’t it strange that we still haven't gotten any closer to understanding the connection between desire and emancipation? – Berlin-based photographer Kemara Pol’s series featured in Container Love’s first printed Visibility Issue is a new take on creation, offering an alternative narrative to the story we have all heard of, dating back to the Garden of Eden.

Nikk Martin: Embracing The Power Of Self-Love

Editorial | Visible Love|

Finding the one thing that you’d never change about yourself – the second series photographer Nikk Martin shot for our Visible Love exhibition is a love letter to everyone’s inner self. With the tender voice of acceptance, Nikk’s images tell the story about the importance and power of self-love and how appreciating the little things about ourselves can give us the confidence and power to shine through anything.

Aart Verrips: Chances Are

Editorial | Visible Love|

The future is built on communities – photographer Aart Verrips put together an incredible selection of his artwork for Container Love’s anniversary. As part of our Visible Love exhibition, Aart’s imagery goes beyond the conceptual, resulting in a world of wonders that is exciting, playful, and sensitive.

Shauna Summers: Summers’ Grace

Editorial | Visible Love|

Love is gravity – seeing Berlin photographer Shauna Summers’ beautiful imagery it needs little explanation why she’s among the artists contributing to our Visible Love exhibition. Exploring an underlying layer of fashion photography, Shauna’s work is gentle, almost melancholic, yet utterly powerful capturing identities of a new era.

Toby Coulson: The Joy Of Exploration

A Decade Of Love | Photography|

Inspiration is everywhere and up for grabs for the ones who wander the world with an open heart – London photographer Toby Coulson takes pictures during his extensive travels, from his homeland, the United Kingdom, to faraway lands sometimes on the other side of the globe. Working with an incredibly diverse array of people, Toby’s photography brings a very distinctive kind of serenity and surrealism to the table: his art is his traveling journal, built entirely on the “what if” scenarios of his adventures.

Javier Cerrada: I’m Not From Here, I’m Not From There

A Decade Of Love | Editorial | Visible Love|

For Berlin-based photographer Javier Cerrada, photography has always been a natural form of self-expression. His pictures are part of an ever-unfolding story of identities, real and chosen families, and love so powerful, it’s unstoppable. Joining us in celebrating a decade of love and beautiful diversity, Javier put together a special selection of his works, covering years and years of his career, connecting past with the present and lamenting about a future worth looking forward to.

Hao Nguyen: Blink And You Will Miss It

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

To love means to dare open up to others – Toronto-based photographer Hao Nguyen's pictures tell a million stories. Creating portrays that go beyond the subject while also keeping a forever playful, forever curious attitude, Hao is doing an amazing job making identities of all kinds visible. To understand his art better, we asked Hao to put together a special selection of his photographs and share his thoughts on representation, love, and the importance of self-reflection.

Alek Szmytko: Boxes Are Meant To Be Broken

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Watching life as it unfolds in front of our eyes, in some otherworld colors – London photographer and art director Alek Szmytko’s imagery is loud and bold and full of life in all the good ways. To get a running start on his photography, we asked Alek to share some of his favorite shots with us, while also telling us about his principles as a photographer, documentarian, and human being exploring identities.

Morganne Boulden: The Weight We Carry

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Brooklyn photographer Morganne Boulden captures the world around her in a fun, yet extremely sensitive way. And as all things beautiful, Morganne’s photography is about overcoming darkness. With all of her work made while on road trips across America with close friends and chosen family, these photos are about celebrating how our will to live can prevail – under all circumstances and against all odds.

Laurel Golio: Love Is Allowing Someone To Change

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

New York photographer and director Laurel Golio’s commercial career is defined by prestigious clients, yet it’s her personal projects that have earned her recognition as a photojournalist fighting LGBTQIA+ visibility. As more and more people are keen to get a glimpse of the world through Laurel’s lenses, we asked her to share some of her favorite pictures as well as her thoughts on love, visibility, and self-expression with us.

Kristine Madjare: Into The Unknown

A Decade Of Love | Editorial|

Riga photographer Kristine Madjare’s imagery merges documentary and fashion photography, and does so for the sole purpose of showing how a little bit of hope can change lives for the better. To celebrate Container Love’s 10 years anniversary, we would love to introduce you to some of our newest friends, beautiful artists from all over the world portraying diversity in its purest form. Kristīne is one of them.

Tatsiana Tribunalova: To Embrace Is To Shine

Editorial | A Decade Of Love|

We celebrate 10 years of love by introducing some new friends, wonderful artists taking a stand in our fight for visibility. Berlin photographer Tatsiana Tribunalova’s pictures are like outtakes from a music video of a superstar that never existed. We asked Tatsiana for a selection of her favorite photos and a chance to pick her brains on how one should express love and embrace their true identity. Have a look!

Jari Jones By Malik Dupree: An Iconic Collaboration

Editorial | Photography|

There are only a handful of characters out there right now that can compare to the force of nature that is Jari Jones. The legendary transfem activist, model, writer, and producer has done a lot for queer rights and to make the community visible in the US and worldwide. Now, her message of love gets an iconic rewrap thanks to wickedly talented Brooklyn photographer Malik Dupree and their beautiful collaboration.

Jamal Nxedlana: I Am Because You Are


The art of letting others shine – Johannesburg-based photographer Jamal Nxedlana captures the reality of queerness in South Africa. In conversation with Container Love, Jamal told us about how a community’s story should be told, the challenges of getting political as an artist and why he sees his world as a part of something larger.

uns*: Education As The Key For An Inclusive Industry


As the first exclusive LGBTQIA+ model and talent agency in the country, uns* has earned a place in the German market. Celebrating two years since their founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland started, they share perspectives about the challenges of the business and the relevance of having queer bodies in the industry.

Container Talks: Finding Hope In New Role Models

Container Talks | Photography|

A new generation of role models has grown up in an era of great societal changes and they are more colorful, more open-minded and – in a sense – more free than anyone who came before them. With our brand new editorial series, Container Talks, Container Love is now set to make their voices heard.

Christopher Sherman: Hello


Christopher Sherman is a photographer and creative director living in Toronto and New York. He was featured in the Container Love exhibition at the Reeperbahn festival 2017 in Hamburg.

Sven Serkis: N1


If you look at Sven Serkis’ long-term project N1, you’ll mostly see bodies. We love his existentially unique and quintessentially nude style.

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