Ashley Armitage: Interzum

Artist Ashley Armitage

Words Tom Czibolya

After having participated at the Interzum fair last week as a virtual Pop Up Gallery, we are now showing the exhibited works. Interzum 2019, the world’s largest trade fair for furniture production and interior design. On three days, smart technologies and products were presented with the slogan Digitalization – Focus on Consumer Trends! Our friends from Digital Connection organized a complete piazza with talks, panel discussions and a personalized exhibition. Our part was to to personalize the exhibition and invite visitors to curate their own unique showcase while they enjoyed our Love Lounge. With the help of a smartphone and NFC tags placed on the screens, visitors were able to assemble their own exhibition and choose what to see on the exhibition. We called this: Art Personalized.

This is what bodies look like. Not thin, white and perfectly shaved, but with everything that comes with it – stretch marks, underarm hair, scars, wrinkles or dents. Just beautiful. Because we love their look, we took some of her works to Interzum 2019 and presented them to the audience.