Youngchan: In The Motion

The talents featured in this new edition of Container Talks don’t go unnoticed, and every step they take forward is a stride toward inclusion for many. We have brought these exciting and emerging faces into the spotlight, ready to reshape conventional narratives with a wave of queer culture. Young, bold, and unapologetically themselves, check out the Container Love editorial with Youngchan.

Talent Youngchan by Cameron Nedrick, Photography Christian Ruess and Anil Ayhan, Art Direction Yasmin Momodu, Jewelry Rm Atu Gelovani, Production Container Love

“I never felt like home anywhere in Europe. It was fun for a while, but then I missed that feeling.”

What is love to you?

For me love is a super natural power which motivates us to something. I treat myself because I love myself. I have a relationship with someone because I love that person. I try to work hard because I love that job.

Do you have a queer role model?

I don’t have a specific queer role model. But If I would have to name one, then I’d like to say the people who fought for Queer Rights and sacrificed themselves in Stonewall. Because of them, we can have our rights as queer people these days.

Tell us a secret about you!

I have too many secrets in my life. I don’t know which one I should tell first because they are like a Pandora box… Hahaha. 

Your message to the world?

Let’s stop hating each other. All represents matter. Stop desexualizing Asian men. So yeah, everything starts from understanding each other and stop hating each other.

When do you feel the most seen?

Definitely when I am on the stage. I mean I am there to be seen hahaha. Everybody is watching me and everybody is judging me at the same time. But to be really honest, I’ve never felt this since I came to Leipzig to work in the ballet company. Why? Because I’ve never danced as the main soloist there hahaha. I was always in the background. 

What is your form of expression?

I thought it was moving, at least when I was a dancer. I am still one, but I am not like I was before for sure. So I am trying to figure out again what my form of expression is. So maybe it is still the movement, but let’s see.