Dan Grips: Exuding Style

The talents featured in this new edition of Container Talks don’t go unnoticed, and every step they take forward is a stride toward inclusion for many. We have brought these exciting and emerging faces into the spotlight, ready to reshape conventional narratives with a wave of queer culture. Young, bold, and unapologetically themselves, check out the Container Love editorial with Dan Grips.

Talent Dan Grips by Eli X Casting, Photography Christian Ruess and Anil Ayhan, Art Direction Yasmin Momodu, Production Container Love

“Tattoos are my go-to form of expression, although some might call it more of an addiction.”

What is love to you?

Love to me is a practice rather than an emotion. It is the care I show to my loved ones through respect, affection, and commitment.

Do you have a queer role model?

I really admire Hunter Schafer because of her multifaceted career. I’m particularly obsessed with her new collaboration with Hideo Kojima.

Tell us a secret about you!

One time I was accused of illegally downloading movies, which I certainly did not do, and I had to get a lawyer. I didn’t tell any of my friends about it because I was so embarrassed.

Your message to the world?

Travel as much as you can and never stop appreciating each and every moment of your life, no matter the obstacles that may arise.

When do you feel the most seen?

I feel the most comfortable when I am surrounded by friends and family. I appreciate quality time with people I know well and who know me just as intimately.

What is your form of expression?

Tattoos are my go-to form of expression, although some might call it more of an addiction. I also love expressing myself through my art. I’m a film editor and media artist, so I often find my perspective through the way I capture the world, rather than just the way I present it.