Anton Obukhivskyi: Expression Spirit

The talents featured in this new edition of Container Talks don’t go unnoticed, and every step they take forward is a stride toward inclusion for many. We have brought these exciting and emerging faces into the spotlight, ready to reshape conventional narratives with a wave of queer culture. Young, bold, and unapologetically themselves, check out the Container Love editorial with Anton Obukhivskyi.

Talent Anton Obukhivskyi by Eli X Casting, Photography Christian Ruess and Anil Ayhan, Art Direction Yasmin Momodu, Production Container Love

“ I see, I move, I wear, I breathe, I build, I break, I show, I say, I make.”

What is love to you?

The definition of love –love to myself, love to themselves, love by itself, myself by itself, love by myself, myself– love.

Do you have a queer role model?

My queer role model it’s my mother. Chic and intelligent Slavic woman in her early 40s. 

Tell us a secret about you!

I fell in love with someone. 

Your message to the world?

Power of spirit. 

When do you feel the most seen?

When I am alone.

What is your form of expression?

Every possible visual or verbal way of expression can be my statement. I see, I move, I wear, I breathe, I build, I break, I show, I say, I make. The hunger for the realization of your view makes you create extraordinary ways of expression.