Nelson Morales: The Muxes Of Oaxaca

Artist Nelson Morales

Words Tom Czibolya

This project by Mexican photographer Nelson Morales is about the Muxe community of Oaxaca, which they are also a part of. In this series they enter the deepest desires and fantasies in the company of their friends and lovers. “This project started ten years ago when I started photographing my culture in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. During that period, I already knew my sexual orientation, however I rejected the idea of becoming a Muxe. The Muxes of Oaxaca are considered the third gender in Mexico, they do not define themselves as homosexuals, they have surpassed this idea. They are rather considered to be a mixture between both genders, and in a constant search for beauty. They are accepted by society, it is said that for a family it is a blessing to have one Muxe at home, because they are hardworking and care for their parents when they get older. In my photographic journey, I started documenting their day-to-day life, doing portraits of them in their homes and in their jobs, however with the pass of time, the project became very personal and exciting. I started to establish a special relationship with them. I started to become their buddy, in order to get into their dreams and fantasies. At the same time, I try to identify my own sexual identity and identify where I belong in that fascinating and sensual world of the Muxes.”