The Friendship of Frank And Felix by Amanda Björn

Artist Amanda Björn

Words Christian Ruess

Amanda Björn is an artist and curator interested in the connection between bodies and space. She works in images, music, films, and movement seeking to build relationships with the fragile world around us. She is currently leading photography and art trips for women artists in various locations in Latin America. Here’s what she says about her beautiful ongoing photo series: “Taken in Havana, Cuba, FRANK AND FELIX is a series that celebrates love, friendship, and sexual freedom amidst a political backdrop of an embargo that has excluded the island from the rest of the world for the last sixty years. In our current time of isolation and fear, we now perhaps can empathize more with the importance of globalization, inclusion, and acceptance. These images are proof of love and perseverance against all odds.”

Photos © Amanda Björn

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