David Mesa: True Love From The Land of Promises

Artist David Mesa

Words Tom Czibolya

“I’m a big dreamer” – Colombian photographer David Mesa has been working with some A-list magazines and brands worldwide while simultaneously building his career as a standalone artist, with exhibitions throughout Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. With his roots in South America and him being a frequent traveler, David’s photography offers a larger perspective of life and love of a new generation, with inspiration finding him everywhere he goes.

“The perfect place for me is always wherever I currently am.”

From thinking about my city, Pereira, where I grew up in Colombia to seeing the work of my favorite photographers, such as Tyler Mitchell, or from my gay experiences. I take inspiration from everything, all the time.” Looking at David’s pictures depicting scenes that would easily pass as dreamlike, it’s only fair to guess what a perfect place means to the artist on the other side of the camera. “The perfect place for me is always wherever I currently am. David is part of Container Love’s latest special, Spring Is My Love, our ongoing series celebrating a new season with beautiful, new artists to discover!