Make Us Feel Safe, Jacopo Paglione

Artist Jacopo Paglione

Words Tom Czibolya

God alone knows how confusing our world is these days. Absolutely everything is defined by questions: Can I go out or not? Am I allowed to meet with my loved ones or not? Am I a danger to others or even to myself? Everything is a little out of control at the moment, isn’t it?

A wise person once told me: Take a step back and look at what’s in front of you. And think about what is important and what is unimportant, what can wait and what needs my immediate attention. What is important at the moment is obvious – it is the in-between, the presence, respect, gratitude. Terms that are actually inevitable when thinking about photo shoots and creating everlasting moments. So, that’s the golden rule: find a way to communicate with the people in front of your lens. Show them as they really are. Be authentic. Make us sad or make us happy or make us think. Make us feel something…

Jacopo Paglione, a photographer from Rome, understands how to communicate. And the results are beautiful snapshots full of trust, intimacy and respect. We want more of them.

Photos © Jacopo Paglione

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