Jacopo Paglione: Make Us Feel Safe

Artist Jacopo Paglione

Words Tom Czibolya

The sunsets are crazy in LA” – but this is just one of the reasons behind Spanish photographer Carlos Darder’s move to the United States. With a visual style that is always brave, sometimes even provocative yet never fails to play with the gentleness within human nature, Carlos has never really cared much about borders anyways. “(The city) is also full of neon lights. I’ve always been obsessed with those.”

Colours and shades may feel different in every continent and this is something Carlos – who was born and raised on the island of Mallorca – has first hand experience of. Being always on the go can make or break someone. It’s an experience that can be described as surfing on a wave of adventure, joy and creativity without knowing how long it will last or what will follow once it’s over. I never felt like home anywhere in Europe. It was fun for a while, but then I missed that feeling.”