Gaëtan Dubroca: La Lumière Tentante

Artist Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca

Words Christian Ruess

Delightful, delicious, beautiful, seductive, vulnerable… There are many words to describe the pictures of Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca, a French photographer and talented painter. Words which describe the emotions of the viewer. And we all know that it is always a good sign if art triggers emotions – whatever they may be. Thibault’s eye for capturing exactly the right moment allows us to sit with the model for an instant in our own living room. Good for us.

But let’s take a step back and ask ourselves what this moment in front of the camera has been like for the model? We call this moment of letting go and showing yourself a safe space – a place where we all can be however we want to be – delightful, delicious, beautiful, seductive, vulnerable…