Morganne Boulden: The Weight We Carry

Artist Morganne Boulden

Words Tom Czibolya

“When I’m with my friends and I’m laughing so hard my ribs hurt, that’s love. Or when I’m out and see objects that remind me of people I know. Love is funny, but it’s not complicated. Love is in the simple moments” – Brooklyn photographer Morganne Boulden’s photography can be best described as still lifes of people, her approach, as documentarian. Yet it’s the underlying meaning, her personal story that makes her imagery one of a kind. Morganne’s art is deeply rooted in an eventful, but complicated upbringing, and her traveling all across the United States – something that she still does, although for very different reasons. With all of her work made while on road trips with close friends and chosen family, Morganne shows a bigger picture through the momentary state of things. In her pictures, a smile is not a smile, a tear is not a tear, but a proof of life and how it always, under all circumstances, prevails.

“I feel as though my journey to understanding myself as an artist has just begun. Corny, I know. But nonetheless true! All I know is right now I want to keep making pictures and building valuable relationships through them and see where it takes me. I think I’m relishing in the ambiguity.”

Love is funny, but it’s not complicated. Love is in the simple moments.”