Birk Thomassen: Rewriting The Rules

Artist Birk Thomassen

Words Tom Czibolya

Copenhagen based photographer Birk Thomassen has accompanied us with his work for almost as long as the Container Love exhibition series has existed. We are in love with his photos and can’t wait to tour again, from one festival to the next, and chat with guests about Birk’s work. But until that happens again, we – like the rest of the world – are in our own little universe, our own safe space, sending love and perseverance to all to get through this crisis.

Birk’s latest series Cornucopia is part of a wider project called Lightroom – a gay adult movie, which we will talk about in more detail soon. Birk followed the project with his camera and his unmistakable style and allows us to dive into the world of lust, desire, freedom and experimentation. His pictures reflect the energy that reigned during the shooting and behind the scenes.