Room Taipei by Jaihang

Artist Jaihang

Words Tom Czibolya

Jaihang is a photographer and graphic designer, born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and now living in Taipei. His photos are a mix of self portraits and depictions of couples in every day life. 

His longterm project ROOM TAIPEI, shot over a period of eight years between Taipei and Shenzhen, was published as a book in early 2021. Here’s how he describes the series:

„At first, I imagined the room was my sexual organ. With different men coming in and leaving, I declared that the body has autonomous power. Using the room as a carrier, the bodies blended and the feeling of freedom and oppression overlapped each other. When I met a man from China, I followed him to Shenzhen where we lived together. In these photos, I try to find the courage in moments of self-doubt.“

Photos © Jaihang

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