Balint Barna: Seeking Purpose and Connection

Artist Balint Barna

Words Javier Zamora-Kalazich

“I have hardcore fantasy about certain things though but I might be too realistic sometimes in life.”

Balint Barna, a London-based fashion photographer who focuses mainly on menswear in his work. When asked about the most perfect place in the world, the coffee-addicted artist described a charming café in a historic old town that’s perfect for people-watching. And what could be better than people-watching, especially when spring starts… When asked about what is important to him, Balint pointed to the relevance of meaningful work, a supportive team and continuous personal development. “I love contributing to something that has meaning and when I’m surrounded by people who support and collaborate with me.”

Balint is the first of many photographers who will join us in the coming weeks and months of spring. Welcome to our special: Spring Is My Love. From now on, there will be a new artist to discover every week.