In A Fragile Space with Agustin Hernandez

Artist Agustin Hernandez

Words Tom Czibolya

What is inspiration? Well, I don’t have an answer to all of life’s questions, sometimes just a gut feeling. But I am lucky to have such good friends as Wikipedia. So, simply ask, and the answer follows immediately. Inspiration is generally defined as an impulse, an unexpected idea, or a starting point for artistic creativity. Now I know. But what is this impulse? Is there a recipe for identifying this starting point? Questions about questions… But one thing is clear: without inspiration, pictures are boring and meaningless. With inspiration, pictures can become masterpieces. With just a little thought that defines the difference between art and non-art. Escándalo!

Mexican American photographer Agustin Hernandez answer to that question was “I like travelling and spending time in new cities to find inspiration. But a lot of my inspiration comes from my childhood and my catholic mother.” Agustin, we love your inspiration. And we like to visit you in your fragile space.

Photos © Agustin Hernandez

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