Steve Marais: Tucked Away In The Grunewald Forest

Artist Steve Marais

Words Tom Czibolya

“I’m finally at a point right now where I am no longer chasing likes and followers, I just couldn’t give a fuck. By accepting and loving who I am, I’ve reached a point where external validation no longer defines my worth. Total LIBERATION! Thus, visibility has transcended from seeking superficial approval of others to acknowledging and understanding who I authentically am as a human on this planet” – Berlin-based photographer Steve Marais shot his mermaid series with Frieder Sell for Container Love’s Visibility Issue. Set in a historically safe LGBTQIA+ space of Berlin’s Teufelssee, the series invites reflection on the interplay between societal norms and free self-expression and perhaps fosters a deeper understanding of love and inclusivity.

Photography Steve Marais, Talent Frieder Sell, Styling Gianluigi Porcu, Styling Assistant Tania Arquaro, Hair & Make-Up Dani Berner

“Love goes beyond butterflies and body fluids. Love means having someone you can depend on. Not just when the dancefloor is lit, but also when the music stops.

Steve Marais, Artist