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Container Love is a global and award-winning platform based in Berlin, focusing on promoting identities and queer culture. Embracing an intersectional approach we celebrate the spectrum of diversity and contemporary lifestyles through arts, fashion, and beauty. 

Photo Andreas Knaub

Launched in 2013 by Studio Christian Ruess, Container Love has been dedicated to promote visibility and the creation of safe spaces throughout the collaboration with contemporary artists and brands.

A decade of experience delivering new ways of connection, collaboration and community working with big brands in the market and pushing the integration of diversity and queer topics through authentic insights and connections around the world. 

“We believe creative collaboration is the engine of progress because when you work with others, you leave the door open for endless possibilities.”

Christian Ruess, Creative Director and Founder of Container Love

Partnering up with local and international photographers, filmmakers, painters, fashion brands, artists agencies, production companies, music festivals, and NGOs, Container Love presents real-life diversity in its full glory: uncorrupted and unfiltered. 

Our vision is to build the European leading platform-to-go for queer culture. We stand for the promotion and celebration of diversity in all its colors, shapes, and possibilities. We want to enable artists, brands and communities to connect authentically through meaningful collaborations.

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