– said every human being


Founded by Creative Director Christian Ruess in 2013. Container Love is managed by an inner circle of creatives and friends with one vision: to make love great again. In 2018 the love experience has found it’s way from Hamburg to Berlin, from events to all sorts of adventures in the off- and online world.


Container Love is a platform for emerging talents from around the universe and their views on love, sexuality and gender. Container Love stands for spreading the word of love, diversity and inclusiveness – of all genders, body types and ethnicities. But spreading the word is not enough. In a world full of ignorant people, homophobia and unnecessary violence against so-called minorities, it has become our duty to stand up for more tolerance, enlightenment and reflection. And our weapon of choice is art. And believe us when we say: love has come to stay.

Therefore Container Love is not just an exhibition series showing pictures, paintings and videos of beautiful people, of naked human bodies and sexual allusions. Container Love is a neverending party with performance, dance and sweat. Container Love is an online platform full of love.


In addition to the constant search for new photographers and artists, which we present at this plaform, the Container Love art project pops up on music and art festivals, in galeries and studios several times a year. And hopefully pops up in peoples mind. If you are an artist, a lover and a visionist, join the love resistance.


Because we love Love.