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Container Love is a global and award-winning platform based in Berlin, focusing on promoting identities and queer culture. Embracing an intersectional approach we celebrate the spectrum of diversity and contemporary lifestyles through arts, fashion, and beauty. 

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our magazine, collaborations, productions, exhibitions, events, and how to use the platform that brings LGBTQIA+ artists, tastemakers, and allies together with international brands, companies, and decision-makers. If you have additional questions, you can always reach us via email.

Love is diversity. Our House of Love is home to everyone searching for love and seeking to be accepted for what they are. Love is respect. For the next person and for yourself. Know your worth. And give others their chances. Love is love. A mystery. And the one thing we all need.

Christian Ruess, Creative Director and Founder of Container Love

Container Love is a global and award-winning platform based in Berlin that focuses on promoting identities and queer culture. Launched in 2013 by Studio Christian Ruess, it’s an ever-growing community of creatives and art lovers, celebrating diversity and contemporary lifestyles through arts, fashion, and beauty.

We showcase the best queer artists and creators and connect them with brands, festivals, and creative agencies standing for gender sensitivity and inclusivity.

We showcase the best diverse photographers, filmmakers, and digital content creators and connect them with brands, festivals, NGOs, and creative agencies looking for authentic artists doing real-life storytelling. We create meaningful connections that highlight visibility.

This is also what we do:

Our own products as Love Brands or Container Talks

Container Love has had a significant impact on promoting and celebrating diversity in the arts, fashion, and beauty industries. It has been recognized for its contributions with several awards and has established itself as a platform for queer culture.

Good intentions are worth nothing when combined with brute force. In a world where exclusion, hate, and violence are on the rise, the change that we wish to see can only be achieved through enlightenment, the spreading of information, the spreading of love. This is why education has been and will always be one of the driving forces behind Container Love. The magazine, the platform, and the movement. We are telling stories that need to be heard, giving a face to the invisible and a voice to the silenced. Together we are learning to listen.

We are building a community of artist and creatives, showcasing their works to some key clients in the industry, advertising and creative agencies worldwide to bring diversity and queer culture into the limelight. In addition, our studio provides full-service production, help you negotiate rates and deal with contracts.

Please send us a PDF file that includes at least 10-12 images and the corresponding JPEG files with a width of at least 2000px to If we like what we see, we would get back to you to work on your first feature on Container Love together. Since we’re a small crew dealing with quite a few requests, we thank you for your patience with the process.

We store your images securely and use them to provide our services as laid out in the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You retain all ownership rights in your images, we just need you to grant us a license to use them so we can add them to the site, newsletter, and social media channels. Please note that we might crop the images for previewing purposes to fit the layout of the online magazine. As part of the Container Love family, we may reach out to you with a request to exhibit your work at a Container Love event or exhibition.

By agreeing to present your work in our magazine, you also allow us to show your selected images on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram, including story posts) as well to feature them in our newsletter. All publications include a reference to the artist’s website and/or social media channels.

Container Love collaborates with brands that share the same values as us, and are keen to integrate diversity and queer topics in their storytelling. We create meaningful collaborations that promote and celebrate diversity and create safe spaces for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, amplifying their voices.

Yes. We are happy to accept direct sponsorships. Please email us directly to learn more about our site and magazine options.

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