Container Love is a platform for visual artists and contemporary photographers to share their views on love and desire. We push diversity and inclusiveness and feature work that focuses on those subjects.


Behind every visual is a great story – in this case, many stories. Here’s where you’ll find renowned and new photographers opening their minds to the unseen; presenting their views on sex, queerness and body non-conformity that range from sensual portraits and illustration to collage and film.


In our interview series you’ll snack on our artist’s greatest thoughts on subjects such as queerness, body positivity or censorship. Get a closer look on where great ideas come from and how visual artists stay inspired in times when love becomes scarce. 


Container Love expands its offer by a new category. We call it LOVE BRANDS. Here, we present our favorite brands, show jointly created content, introduce editorials that have been created together over the last years. And most important – we have enough space for you.


Container Love is always on the go, popping up where nobody expects us, be it at music and art festivals, fairs or events. The Container exhibitions are a true creative platform for like-minded artists to meet, share their experiences and celebrate solidarity and love. 


We love to collaborate with artists and brands who believe in tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness and promote it equally in their work. With a network of influential and diverse visual artists our approach is without red tape and always leveraging partnership to deliver powerful and emotional visual content. Be it editorial, lookbook or special social media content – storytelling and purpose is king. We create appropriate content to spread diversity and visibility. Also worth mentioning: We’re super sweet.


Founded by Creative Director Christian Ruess in 2013, Container Love is managed by an inner circle of lovers and friends with one goal: spreading the word of love, promoting equality, and celebrating diversity and inclusiveness of all genders, body types and ethnicities.

Container Love first started as a pop-up exhibition series at music and art festivals and while making its way from Hamburg to Berlin ventured out to events, a magazine and all sorts of visceral adventures in the online world.