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Photo Florian Hetz

Stéphane Gizard: Hunting Down Memories

Photography | Books|

An archive of unpublished images from 1999 showing different encounters and shades of youth. That is ‘Irréversible’, the last book of Paris photographer Stéphane Gizard that shows in a mix of polaroid photos and films a look back with elegance on what is not with us anymore. A trip of nostalgia, a journey of emotions, lovers and memories in conversation with Container Love.

PNPPL: Good To See You Again, Beautiful

Photography | Books|

Pineapple rolls out its 7th issue, a wonderfully curated zine featuring the artworks of 14 of the planet’s most amazing gay artists. Have a sneak peek with us into another masterpiece by one of our favorite publishers and get ready to enter a world of bold beauty.


Florian Hetz: On The Streets Of Love

We’ve been fans of Florian Hetz and this is why we are very excited that his new book, AIKO is here to take his art to the next level.


Andrew Kung: The All-American Book

Andrew Kung, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a photographer who, through his images, aims to portray and celebrate Asian American beauty.

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