Christian Ruess: The Salt On Your Skin

Artist Christian Ruess

Words Tom Czibolya

Watching waves as they break on the shore, we all wonder about the gentle yet unstoppable force that keeps them moving – as it’s been told many times, a good life is a life of appreciation, a life of wonder and curiosity and love. If we look closely, the idea of a good life can be the very same that of an easy life. Container Love’s founder Christian Ruess traveled to the island of Lanzarote to shoot his newest editorial, catching waves and vibes on another day in paradise.

The key is stopping, embracing the moment, learning to enjoy everything about it. The world is a crazy place that just won’t stop spinning, but every individual has the power to slow it down, creating nothing less than a moment of peace. Christian’s pictures not only capture this very moment, they exist in it. Looking at these images, it quickly becomes obvious that carelessness can be just as fragile as invaluable. One moment you have it, then a moment later it’s gone. Is it the ease of achieving or is it the art of letting go that makes us experience true freedom? Christian’s photography might give you the answer you need.

Photography Christian Ruess, Models David Vega, Byryan Cox at Pop House, Post Production Maximilian Mouson, Brands Prada, Rick Owens, Kust, Vilebrequin, Schmiede Bosslau