Rob Tennent: Sanctuary

Photography Rob Tennent

Words Tom Czibolya

“Love transcends all” – New Zealand photographer and long-time Container Love collaborator Rob Tennent’s series in which he captures the intimacy and dynamics between couples is an irreplaceable part of our first-ever printed magazine, The Visibility Issue. “I wanted to capture real couples in a natural and comfortable light with a small fashion element. The focus is on the love that they share with each other.” Exploring the queer spectrum within his work, increasing visibility has always been key to Rob’s photography. His new series featured in our magazine and in the Visible Love exhibition is a celebration of identities and the human right that is the freedom of love.

Photography Rob Tennent, Talents Jack, Tahj, Sean, Xoren, Basjia, Bernie, Sam, Felix, Drew, Brandon

“Love transcends all.”

Rob Tennent, Artist