Kolo: Genderless Minimalism

2024-03-25T12:50:13+01:00Love Brands|

KOLO Berlin has become a Love Brand by challenging the conventional binary notions of fashion designed exclusively for “men” or “women”. Presenting only one ready-to-wear collection per year, these timeless and minimal streetwear garments are all genderless and produced under responsible fashion standards.

Luise Zücker: Empowering Jewelry

2024-04-02T08:54:18+02:00Love Brands|

The designs of this beloved jewelry couture brand are gender fluid, serving as an explicit invitation to the beauty of empowerment. Excelling in captivating and sophisticated shapes, the designer brand is all about free and bold expression.

KRiLL BERLiN: Colors As A Statement

2024-02-21T11:12:44+01:00Love Brands|

The contemporary organic and fair fashion label is not for those who fade into the masses. KRiLL BERLiN stands out, presenting a showcase of colorful elegance with a distinctive sense of individuality and bold-daring style where all colors, identities, and sizes are welcome.

VanessaBaernthol: Love-me Some Good Pearls

2024-02-21T11:00:22+01:00Love Brands|

The genderless designer brand has redefined the usage and style proposition of classic pearls. The once-called “grandma accessory” is now presented in dramatic, edgy, and bold statement pieces, making this fashion proposal an empowering tool available to be worn by everyone.

Jean Gritsfeldt: Fashion As A Statement

2023-04-03T19:28:36+02:00Love Brands|

Love Brand Jean Gritsfeldt’s latest collection, Born in Kyiv. Sculptor of Love, made headlines all over the world when it made its debut at the Berlin Fashion Week. Shooting a selection of designs with Container Love, we could finally ask Jean to tell his extraordinary story of starting from scratch after leaving Ukraine, his commitment to environmentalism, and why each piece he creates should be a statement on its own.

Kust x Lovem: A Skin To Skin Story

2023-05-04T12:57:22+02:00Love Brands|

Premium underwear brand Kust launches a new line of products in collaboration with skincare pioneer Lovem on a sustainable self-care routine which aims to transform the traditional approach to men’s health and beauty.

Kust: Lounge In Style

2023-05-04T12:02:54+02:00Love Brands|

There is something new from Kust. A lounge suit in 4 bright colours. Just right for the cozy season. It is the ultimate uniform for any activity, no matter what time of year.

Terrorists Of Beauty: Radically Natural

2023-02-24T13:55:02+01:00Love Brands|

Terrorists Of Beauty fight what the beauty industry stands for: perfect bodies, complex treatments. Male, female. Chemical ingredients. Animal testing. Plastic. Micro plastic. Overconsumption. They proclaim a new and uncompromising eco-movement that begins in the bathroom.


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