Willy Chavarria: The Eulogy Collection

Artist Willy Chavarria

Words Christian Ruess

We are in love with the designs of Willy Chavarria, a New York based conceptual fashion label with a cinematic approach to design and presentation, and their latest collection, titled Eulogy. They describe it as “the story of a beautiful funeral for the planet earth as we observe the final days we have remaining on a planet in swift threat of environmental destruction by man.”

The collection is their first technical collection in which they have worked with a specialist in development of hi-tech, wether proof fabrics made entire of recycled materials. It is a collaboration with Recyctex specializing in highly innovative fabric developments using post consumer waste and textile waste from their own industry. The approach is hi-tech functionality with high-fashion sensibility. We had a little chat with Willy about the brand, the inspiration behind their designs – and of course about love.

What does Chosen Family mean for you?

Chosen family is family that nature brings to us as we open our hearts. Chosen family are the people who love us unconditionally and surround us the will to be our very best.

We all love inspiration. And we all could use a little splash of it right now. Where do you get your ideas? And in what ways does your creative process have an effect on your daily life?

My creative process is pretty much my daily life. I love the work of Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz. She shows beauty in those who get shafted by society. I think that is a primary goal of my brand: to represent the underrepresented with grace.

Building a brand and creating new products is always part of the daily creative engine. What should never be missing in your creative process?

Other creative minds. My vision is only bright to fruition through the brilliant minds of my creative partners and my team. Each person I work with has something remarkable to offer which makes the story real.

We love brands and products with a strong message behind them. What’s yours?

We believe in the promotion of human dignity through fashion and art. I was an outcast as a kid. When I grew up I realized that all the things I thought were wrong about me were actually what made me cool. I like to make people feel cool.

“We believe in the promotion of human dignity through fashion and art.”

We have heard that sending visions into the universe cannot be wrong. So let’s do it. Whats your vision? What will Willy Chavarria look like in ten years?

I would like to expand into collars with lower price point retailers. While we currently offer higher priced product, I would love to one day offer the same styling and message to more people through mass outlets.

How do you spread love with your product?

Thats a wonderful question. And it’s the core of the Willy brand. An integral part of our mission in building the brand has been to partner with organizations that promote love. For example we did a collection in which the sales profits were shared with The Trevor Project fighting suicide among our LGBTQ young brothers and sisters. And we have created uniforms for the HELPER Foundation in Los Angeles providing food, PPE and necessities to those neighborhoods hardest hit by the pandemic.

Which hype do you follow daily? What makes it so magical for you?

I avoid hype, actually. But I do find magic in art. And in fashion of course. I can easily get lost in a magazine or an William Freidkin film!

Tell us your first love story. In 10 words.

New Orleans, age 20, streetcar, first love, changed life forever.

For us love is diversity — of sexualities, ethnicities, genders, something that smashes the container. So what is love for you?

Love for me is defining the beauty that we are. It’s a way to see ourselves as good. I love to focus on race, sexuality, gender and politics. I like to talk what I see in the world, sew ivy up and give it back to the world even more beautiful. That is my true love.

What would you really like to do? Right now? Instead of answering these little questions…

Hahah! Right now I would love to take a hot shower. Its been a couple of days actually!

How do you want to change the world? What are the first three topics that come to your mind spontaneously?

Health. Homes. Human rights. Those are the three that hit me first. I know I will only be complete as a designer. So it will forever be in my work to have some impact on making these things better for us all.

“I truly hope the the growth of my brand will have more and more influence on the way people think and act personally on creating change.”

Photography Brent Chua, Styling Karlo Steel, Hair Stylisting Nelson Vercher, Make-up Marco Castro