The Irrepressibles: Ecstasy Homosexuality

2024-07-22T14:40:26+02:00Beyond Lust | Film|

The elemental power of sexuality lies within liberation – the brand new music video from the iconic British artist The Irrepressibles is the fruit of Container Love’s latest collaboration, and our pride and joy. The film for the track, "Ecstasy Homosexuality" is everything that we stand for: a bold statement of queer pride, and a fearless confession of a love that is unapologetic and unstoppable, one that goes beyond lust.

Blazey: Nothing To Lose


BLAZEY’s musical journey is a testament to his commitment to growth and development as an artist. With his latest single “Nothing To Lose”, he introduces his queer anthem that was born out of personal struggles and triumphs. Check out BLAZEY's latest music video and live and dance like you have nothing to lose.

La Push: Together


Presenting an honest, raw, and face-to-face message featuring Carla Prata, “Together” is a short film by La Push that channels a hopeful, empathetic, and more loving message to a generation confronted by the dynamic world and changes of this new decade.

Miluum: Aitai


Filmmaking duo Miluum presents AITAI, a poetic short fashion film portraying gender fluid expressions in Tokyo. Showcasing the beauty and the ambiguity, this film unveils bits of the quiet battle that Riko and Minor, both non-binary models in the film, face as members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Japan.

Horses: Relief


"Relief" is the first episode of a larger project aimed at exploring the meaning of existence through the experiences and needs of different people. In this initial release, the directors under the name of Horses introduce Olezha, an artist who questions the intrinsic definition about their identity and rejects fitting into categories.

The Hidden Dimension: Official Trailer

2023-10-30T13:21:05+01:00The Hidden Dimension | Film|

Awarded with Silver Screen at Cannes Young Director Award, The Hidden Dimension is a portrait of queer photographer and visual artist Leo Maki. An intimate journey into the mind of the artist based in Warsaw, Poland. The film explores the creative process behind his work where sexuality, desire, and reality blends into art.

Jordan Blady: Comfort Zone


Comfort Zone is the latest short film by Paris-based director Jordan Blady, exploring the vibrant drag community in Tbilisi, Georgia, through the eyes of activist and performer Matt Shally.

Hannes Hirsch: Drifter


With a documentary-like sensibility, Hannes Hirsch’s feature-length debut sensitively depicts a new start in Berlin’s gay scene.

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