Hari Sama: This Is Not Berlin

Artist Hari Sama

Words Christian Ruess

Mexico City 1986. 17-year-old Carlos is an outsider in school. While his family is eagerly awaiting the World Cup, he and his best friend Gera discover the legendary underground club “Azteca”. There, the two boys enter an unknown world of wild parties, drug frenzy and sexual freedom – which also puts Carlos’ relationship with Gera in a new light.

Director Hari Sama’s music-flooded coming-of-age film is a stirring account of the joyful escape from existing conditions and the formation of a queer community in times of social upheaval. His young actresses* furiously revive the artistic experiments and sexual ambivalences of the Mexican underground of the 80s. “This Is Not Berlin” was celebrated at its world premiere in Sundance and has since received numerous awards. Have fun watching it.